How to fix BIB shorts with torn seam


Unfortunately I left my gloves in the washing machine together with my Bib shorts. Now the gloves velcro tore some of the seam of the Bib shorts. Any idea how to fix that?

What brand?

The ones our team uses (drawing a blank) repaired a set when a teammate crashed at a race.


Depending on how bad, a simple need and thread along with some time can be a quick fix. Actual stitching may need to be better depending on the precise location, but you can look up videos on how to do just about every stitch style imaginable.

That for find someone with skills and even a sewing machine to fix them for you.


I usually take them to a tailor in the mall. 5-15 € to fix and usually better stitching than before. Many bibs come with crappy stitching


My wife does simple sewing (and complex), she stitches mine up in a few seconds. There are some things to watch when sewing non stretch fabric to high stretch fabric. The seams should be expansion serged, etc.