J&L Aftermarket Titanium Spindles - Speedplay

Has anyone had experience with the eBay brand J&L, and their aftermarket titanium Speedplay spindles? They make a lot of custom lengths, and Speedplay spindles are seemingly unavailable at present. I ride a wider q-factor, so I’ve been interested in trying these to refine my fit and potentially remove some pedal washers. I’ve read some internet chatter about aftermarket spindles failing, but I never know what to trust.

FWIW, I have them on 3 bikes. Standard lengths. Thousands of kms. No issues thus far. YMMV.

I currently have a set on both the missus and my bike, both standard length. A couple thousand miles so far on both bikes with no issues. The tolerances on the missus are spot on, mine are off maybe a thousandth or two where it rides on the roller bearing. No big deal as I grease them every thousand miles or so which keeps them tight. I’m not any kind of sprinter but I have put down many 1000-1200 watts efforts on them.

I sure hope I didn’t just jinx myself, ha.