Hartford LBS Recommendation

My riding partner is moving to Hartford, CT. Any LBS that you guys would recommend?


D’aniello’s Amity Bicycles in Woodbridge is outstanding! Well worth the drive from Hartford, both for shopping and their Saturday group rides.

I’d suggest you put the town information in your post title - it’s a very specific regional request and you’re likely to get more attention if you put the region in a more visible place

Thanks for the recommendation

I live in the Hartford area, where are they moving to?


what’s he need - mechanic, group rides, coaching?

He will need a good mechanic and group rides.

https://www.benidormbikes.com - decent shop and they do group rides

There’s another group that all ride together www.velolegitimo.com - I know them personally, Chris Brits is a decent coach.


I second benidorm, it’s in canton and same shop I use.