Hard to mentally get outside

Travel, Explore, Expedition… Yes I came to conclusion that “I forget something”. I think I gotta do some dumb things instead of being obsessed to efficiently do cycling/training.


Poor weather definitely plays a part in how easy it is to give up.

I really don’t like riding if there’s been any chance of ice.

But it’s been mostly good weather in UK recently so that hasn’t been an excuse.

I’m looking at getting out this Sunday. I’ll report back on what happens…


An early excuse from me. Forecast is for thunderstorms so it’s an indoor ride for me.

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Totally agree.

Once you’ve got outside, it’s like, why didn’t I do this weeks ago?

From a month or so back to September, hopefully every weekend will be outside (now.)

Still do the mid-week sessions inside but that is just because it takes less time, otherwise I’d do a group ride on Thursdays, but have to be more organised


Well Some good news to report. I was on 10 mg. I was supposed to go to 15 mg and instead I dropped to 5 mg. Today was the first day I had the energy to ride and last night is the first time I remember having dreams in the last 2 months.

Went out for a zone 2 heart rate ride. Took 4 hours. I feel quite good! Feeling anything is a plus!!!