Haptic feedback to band of watch from tickr x?

I’ve build my cycling workout around the tickr and wahoo app. This allows me to check that my HR and cadence are in the right range. this has three drawbacks : 1) you can’t read the phone display in the sun, 2) during endurance events the phone dies as the screen is always on 3) I need to check the phone constantly.

So ideally I would go to a setup where a smartwatch or band alerts me if I’m longer than 10 seconds outside the HR or candence zone. I don’t think that the wahoo fitness app can do this for me, and was wondering how this could be accomplished.

If this would not be possible with the Tickr X, how do you solve this problem

the wahoo app has a function to announce heartrate, time, lap etc. via speaker or headphones - seems good enough for your purpose.

Look into the settings for your training.
and btw: i find 10sec a bit short. The HR is just way to fluctuating and such a short switch of zones is irrelevant for your training effect… 1minute maybe, better some minutes… that would make more sense


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