Half Distance Triathlon Base - What is the training pattern followed by the bike workouts?

I have been struggling to understand the logic followed by the series of bike workouts designed in the Half Distance Triathlon Base plan.

Tuesday workouts are aimed at improving anaerobic power - clear.

The workout of the rest of the week seems to alternate between sweetspot, endurance, tempo, and I can’t identify any pattern.

My main concern is that when I want to adapt my plan, especially on weekend when I can do some longer outside group rides.

If anyone (and ideally the boss himself @chad) can help me better understand the pattern behind, it would be great.

Many thanks !

All the workouts are designed to improve your aerobic system. Even those short 20s sprints on Tuesdays are recruitment workouts. You can substitute long rides in place of the Sat rides.

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Thanks @Alen ! So I got confused re. Tuesday workouts. I think it make more sense now. There is no real pattern behind the series of bike workouts then ?

There is. Base is is mostly working the aerobic system and muscular endurance. It picks up in the latter half of base and build.

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