Had had to post this Pic

After standing in line at so many races and events just to empty my miniscule (and ever shrinking) bladder, I just have to say…where have these been all my racing career???

Pic credit - PezCycling - from a 2004 ride they did in Belgium.


I had a marathon I ran with a HUGE urinal area, basically 4 super long troughs in a closed off square.

Boy was that helpful!

I’m fine with those conceptually, but I dunno if my bashful bladder would cooperate.

That seems like a lot of pressure! :scream:


I’ve seen this (on tv) used at music festivals and other open space events. I believe some municipalities allow for some forms of public wee wee.

I was fortunate enough to be able to extend a work trip a couple of years ago to watch Flanders in person and saw those there :slight_smile: They were just lined up with the normal porta-potties in the street. Very efficient!