GRX Power Meter Options

Ha! Got my GRX Di2 up and running now - first proper ride. I also struggled with the buttons from time to time, with my mind a total blank over which way is up and down. :laughing: As you say, it’s the same scheme as mechanical so the muscle memory should be automatic but it’s (slightly) different enough to mess with my mind now and then. With a few more rides under my belt it’ll all be fine…

I must say I love the feel of the hoods. I’d seen Gravel Cyclist JOM raving about them and he wasn’t lying. I’ve never had any complaints about Shimano hoods, so from my perspective it’s not like there was a problem that needing fixing or anything, but still, the ergonomics of these GRX Di2 hoods somehow make me feel very securely “connected” to the bike in a way I’ve not done previously. That probably sounds a bit OTT, but I think they feel fantastic.

As mentioned I’m using a 4iiii 105 non drive side crank so to even up the Q-factor - and in line with the suggestions above - my shop has fitted a couple of spacers on this side: one between BB cup and frame (I think) and another between pedal and crank. I probably wouldn’t have noticed any difference without these, but it avoids any “what if” questions in the event of any fit issues presenting themselves one day that might be blamed on an uneven q-factor. Belt and braces :wink:

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I guess it’s not just me who struggled with Di2 buttons and just having a brain fart as to what does what :rofl: I did however change the buttons as it got annoying. The two on the right now make the gearing harder (big button does the rear derailleur) and the left side makes the gearing easier (again, big button for rear derailleur). I find this incredibly intuitive, glove friendly for those colder rides (I used to accidentally hit the wrong button going up a hill, all. The. Time.), and less reaching (small girl hands) for the shifting I do the most, particularly when I’m in the drops. No accidental going through wrong way gearing wise, worst case I hit the wrong derailleur but it’s always in the direction I want to go.


Forgive me if I missed this somewhere, but is the 1x crank 5mm wider total? From what I can see the shift is just for the front derailleur clearance?

This is from a Shimano Rep:

Our traditional road cranks have a Q-factor of 146mm, so the GRX line up will increase to 2.5mm on each side, bringing Q-factor to 151mm. However, we make a new XTR pedal that features a -3mm spindle on each side, so you could narrow the gap back to your road setup.



1x and 2x are both 5mm wider in total. So 2.5mm on each side (I measured it with a caliper). I’ve put two 1mm pedal spacers on my left sided power meter.


Power2Max recently released a new gravel power meter that has the option to run an offset chainring to be compatible with the GRX front derailleur.

Obviously it wouldn’t be compatible with GRX cranks but it should work great with the rest of the groupset.

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I’m running an Easton crankset on otherwise full GRX 2x groupset. I was recommended by P2M to use the NGeco MTB Race Face single power meter. Can you elaborate what kind of issues others have had with them?

I swapped out the grx left side crank on my canyon grail with an ultegra stages pm, and it works fine! it was able to clear the chainstay no problem.


After waiting for many months, I was finally able to buy the stages left sided GRX powermeter @competitive cyclist. Was looking around all summer :neutral_face: