GRX 46/30 for fast group rides

I’m building up a gravel bike with GRX Di2 and a powermeter is a must have. I had planned to use a power2max NGeco ROTOR p2m Edition 24MM Gravel Power Meter Crankset with 48/31 rings, but the one I ordered was defective and the vendor only has 46/30 now. I don’t race, but would like to do the fast LBS group rides (21-22 mph, no drop) when they start up again. I know this might not be anyone’s first choice for fast road rides, but do you think it’ll work? It looks like I could still hit 35mph at 101 RPM in the 46/11.

Has anyone gone this route? Any advice is welcome. Thanks!!

I’ve got a new groad bike with 46/33 and 10-36. Only three rides in, with one fast/flat group ride and one flat ride with a 29mph two minute sprint. So far I’d rather have the flexibility than optimum chain line for the 20-30mph speeds of the Wed night hammerfest.

No concerns yet, but only two data points.


I ride 46/34 on my gravel bike with an 11-40. Sometimes I show up to the fast group ride and can hang but not necessarily attack but more attributed to the weight and tires than the gearing

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With such a massive big chainring, you shouldn’t have any trouble keeping up at all. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s all a question about cadence. I usually ride in my 13-tooth cog when I am doing 50 km/h with a cadence of about 100 rpm, so with my 50-tooth chainring that gives me a gear ratio of 50:13 = 3.85, which virtually identical to 46:12 = 3.83.

So like others said, I reckon your ability to hang will not be limited by your gearing, but more by added rolling resistance if you have wider tires or a heavier bike.

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