GRX di2 gearing help, Gravel to Cyclocross

Alright, I think this is a tricky one. I live in Vermont and do a lot of steep climbing, on very loose terrain jeep tracks and such, and have some gravel racing goals this summer that has me wanting a good set up for that, but come fall, I race cyclocross every weekend, and am really picky on that setup. I am done with sram hydro stuff, and want to move to GRX. I hate flappy levers, so want to do Di2, and I love the new levers.

I ride a custom seven, that was purpose built for cyclocross, but I have been finding it amazing for riding fast on gravel. I am a bigger rider, 6’ 4" / 200 lbs, and definitely not the norm for a semi-higher level cross racer. It has super chunky chainstays, and also very tight, its the first bike I have every ridden that has ever felt this good under high power, but this makes it tough to fit power meters. My stages do not fit, and it will fit a GRX double, but not designed to fit a standard offset double.

Gravel: I need 38f/42r ratio in summer no matter what. There’s some climbs I do often, and thats the number I need, I spend a lot of time in that gear. I do spin out at 38/10, but Im not sure how much that matters, will I get dropped in a fast gravel race, maybe?

CX: I like running an 11-34, with a 42t ring. Always been great and my go to. I also didnt mind doubles, but would rather not.

Whats the best setup for this?

Option 1: Single-ring all year round. Stick with the 10-42, swap to 11-36t for CX, and adjust ring size for the ride/race. Use GRX 817 rear derailleur. If needed I could do an XT rear derailleur for the summer, and do the 9-46t for the same range as the double, then get an ultegra for CX season. keep Sram carbon cranks, purchase spider based PM.

Option 2: GRX double, 11-36t rear, 815 rear deraileur. Switch to single ring setup in the fall, get a 4iii right side PM. This might just be a pain in the ass, and makes it harder to train on this bike in the fall.

Option 3: GRX double, year round. 4iii right side PM. I dont really want to race CX with a 48/31 though. Maybe I can get the 46t from the 600 series crank, and get someone to make me a 38t inner custom for 80BCD?

I’ve been running combos on for far too long now, any thoughts on the matter? I’m currently leaning single ring, but I was hoping to get more versatility, this bike is by far the best bike I will ever own, and want to spend more time on it.