Grey Duck Grit in Minnesota

111, 222, & 333 mile options in some great terrain for a gravel race.

This is the same part of Minnesota I used for pre-Unbound training. Limestone gravel, and LOTS of rollers.


I’ve considered the 222.

I wouldn’t have a support crew though which is a downside. I’m sure I could manage especially with the cooler weather.

My plans are off track with Covid right now so I’ve been looking for a later season race somewhat nearby.

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Well I’m doing the 222. I looked at the route they embedded in the YouTube video, did a freeze frame, pulled it out and overlayed it on a map of the area. There are a couple of keystone sections that line right up with segments I’ve done or seen on heat maps. They’re getting elevation by dropping in and out of the canyons along the Mississippi River valley. The ones near Frontenac are not something I went out of my way to climb last time I was there. The rest is typical Midwest rolling with occasional drops into smaller river and stream valleys. Not nearly as hilly as the full on driftless area near Lewiston.

I will be asking my self “Why am I doing this again?” until I’m finished with the race.