Muc-Off Sweat Protect?

Does anyone has experience with the Muc-Off Sweat Protect? On the surface, it seems like a good product to use on my aluminium bike and to protect it from corrosion. Does anyone has experience with this product?

I’m particularly worried about the product displacing the grease on my bearings, thus creating more damage than what it protects. Thanks for any feedback or comment!

I do have that product (got it “free” with a bunch of other MO-stuff I ordered), but have only used it a couple of times on my carbon bike. So far, all is well, but I have no long term experience with it yet.

Personally, I wouldn’t worry about it, I’d guess using degreaser on your chain (or even other MO-products for the rest of the bike) are more likely to cause damage.


Is that product really needed or is it another product that we don’t actually need??

I’ve been using a product similar to this for years and it keeps a lot of sweat from going on to my top tube and into the headset Wiggle | Tacx Sweat Cover | Turbo Trainer Spares

My sweat still reaches other parts of the bike so I just wipe if off with a cloth, which is simple and free.

I usually just spray down my bike with some demineralised water after a sweat session (I use one of these plant water thingies - no idea what it’s called). It should flush away all the salty sweat and protect your precious bike parts that way.

The problem I see with the product above, it only really protects your frame, which usually is already protected by the paint job.