Gravity Training Plan: LV/MV/HV - Group Rides - On Bike Practice

I’ve read through a couple of similar threads, however all of them seemed to have more of a “road bike background” - so I hope this will add some aspects that justify to discuss this in a separate thread.

I’m currently on a MV training plan for Enduro Riding. This typically means 5 structured TR workouts a week.
I’m facing the following challenge:

  • on weekends I typically do outdoor rides focused on trail/downhill riding. I think in Enduro is very important to spend enough/a lot of time outside practicing bike skills.
  • the majority of the rides on the weekend are group rides. Group rides are not really compatible with structured workouts.

I see the following choices:

  1. Switch to a LV training plan: 3 workouts on weekdays, 2 completely “unplanned”, unstructured rides on the weekend (group rides/outdoor rides)
  2. Keep the MV training plan without changes: 5 structured workouts - no group rides, outdoor riding optional but sticking to the structured workout.
  3. MV training plan + additional riding: 3 structured workouts on weekdays, 2 structured workouts on weekends before/after group/outdoor rides
  4. MV training plan + trying to stick to the workout “idea” of planned workouts on weekends: 3 structured workouts on weekdays, group rides on the weekends where you would try to take a look at the planned structured workouts but would replace them while trying to stick at least somewhat to the workout structure. [This will probably not really work in a group].
  5. MV training plan + unstructured riding instead of structured riding on the weekend: 3 structured workouts on weekdays, rearrange + delete some of the planned workouts in some way that makes sense.
  6. HV training plan?

Currently my feeling is that (1) would probably be the easiest.
(2) doesn`t seem to be a real option since it would sacrifice riding practice.
(3) since the group/outdoor rides are Mountanbike rides they seldom are base endurance rides only, since there are harsh climbs, sprints etc. involved. So training load could be too high. Also, time restrictions could be a challenge.
(4) Not sure how that would work out :slight_smile:
(5) This would probably interfere with the training plan concept - how would you prioritize which workouts to do and which ones to delete?
(6) No clue if this makes sense at all.

What advice/ideas do you guys have?

I would do 1.

I completed some MV plans last season and I had no time or energy for skills work and my descending suffered. Not acceptable at all for an enduro racer. 3 structured rides per week is plenty, can even make a case that it can be too much if your weekend rides are big.

I plan on doing all LV this season with a focus on spending as much time as possible outdoors. The TR plan will supplement my actual riding, not the other way around.


@ibaldwin nailed it!!!
You could always switch to your third option if you feel like you have the bandwidth to do more while still prioritizing outdoor skills-based rides or group rides, or it may not be a bad idea to keep a few outdoor workouts in your back pocket that you can add on the fly if the weather is good or if you’re feeling super fresh one weekend!