Power2max on 2019 Specialized Crux

Hi does anyone know if the praxis ngeco (https://www.power2max.com/en/product/ngeco-road-praxis-power-meter/)
will fit the praxis alba 1x cranks on a Specialized Crux 2019 (Specialized CruX E5 Sport - Specialized Concept Store).

the current crankset has a 5-bolt chainring

power2max support just copied what the website page says (the spider works with cranksets with three torque bolts). does anyone know if this will fit these cranks?

if not, what are my best options for a 1x powermeter with a Praxis M30 BB?

I would guess no. While I am not specifically familiar with that crank, It does not appear to have a removable spider, which is what most crank based PMs replace. The torque bolts they are referring to are fairly to figure out if you have. Take the crank off and look on the opposite side of the chainring/crankarm, the side that faces the BB. There will be three bolts arranged around the spindle (or where the spindle inserts if it is attached to the NDS crank arm). If they are there you should be good to go, if not you might be out of luck for any crank based PM. Stages might have a single sided option for that crank, I’d look into that too.

Edit to add: you will probably need a non crank spider PM. Stages might have something or either the SRM or Garmin pedal based options.

No, that’s an attached spider (spider and cranks are a single piece). The P2M power meter is the spider, so you’d need new cranks.

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