Got a Varia (yeah), But Now Saddle Bag Doesn’t Fit

Varia is amazing. Mine is 2 years old now and best thing I bought for my bike accessory wise.

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The problem with that is the Varia doesnt tend to be in the best position. I know I did try this myself. Best solution was to get rid of the bad at the back and leave the varia. Short people with the seat low tend to have this issue.

I ditched the on bike bag all together and moved to this:

yeah it takes up a pocket but it can also store your phone which takes up a pocket anyway.

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Just get rid of the saddle bag. If you ever get a flat fat from home, then just call wife or Uber home. Also put a tire on with good puncture resistance. If you don’t do Gatorskins then at least something like GP5k. I remember only one flat in about 4 years.

Take cable ties! Works great for me


genius here…


-315 & aged bag with rail-mounted ¼-turn bracket… fits nicely.


Yes to this. I have the earlier version of their Ride Pouch which I love (stock photo).

Still have an Arundel Tubi bag on one bike; I use a Shapeways mount with a Planet Bike or Cygolite (forget which) tailight clamp on on left seatstay. On another bike I have the Garmin OEM mount on the seatcluster below the bag I use with that bike.

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I don’t have enough space on my seatpost, and I ended up doing exactly this for my larger saddle bag (2 tubes, 2 CO2) that has a loop where I can do this. I have a smaller saddlebag (1 tube, 1 CO2) that I use when riding with more people and am less worried about being wholly self-sufficient, but it doesn’t have a place to attach the quarter-turn mount. But if I’m riding with more people, I don’t worry as much about needing the radar.

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rkoswald, I had the same problem and my solution was somewhat similar to what was proposed above, but I think more robust. The problem is that saddle bags tend to slide down along the seat post. I have a variety of seatpost mountable reflectors in my garage which came with bikes which I bought in the past for members of my family. Of course, all of them were replaced with LED lights. I removed the reflector, cut plastic as needed, and converted one of them into a clamp which now sits under the saddle bag and prevents it from sliding down. The only tricky part was to make sure that my butt does not rub against the edges of the saddle bag (as the saddle bag is quite a bit higher in this position) - and it did not, although it was close. Works quite well, no interference with the radar. I hope my explanations are clear, if not, please let me know and I will take and post a picture.

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@AIPDX , your description makes sense and is a great idea. Thanks!

Have you considered something like this? Pricey but looks robust.


Top tube bag. There are some nice ones. I have this one from Topeak

I use a flatter one, see pics. Plenty of clearance for the bag and the 15° requirement of Varia. Mine’s by Bontrager.