Battery Extender for Gopro Hero 10

I’ve just purchased a Gopro Hero 10 to replace my Garmin Ultra 30 (which was getting flaky). I typically do long outdoor rides between 2 and 7 hours. My Garmin only lasted an hour and a half and the Gopro will be similar. Has anyone used the Digipower Battery Module to extend the battery life?Extended Battery Module For GoPro HERO10 Black & HERO9 Action Cameras – Digipower
Or is there something else I could use?
Thanks for your input.

Looks like exactly what I need too. Hopefully there will be some good feedback. However after looking around DigiPower’s website, I found that there is a word-for-word duplicate review for both the Hero 9/10 version and the 5/6/7 version, from different people (both “verified” users). Doesn’t bode well for trustworthiness…

I’ve also just found that GoPro now make a weatherproof Pass-Through door for the Hero 9/10, and there’s also this third party Pass-Through cage - both of these will connect to an external power source, which you’ll need to keep weatherproof too (personally I’d go for a small drybag in my bar bag).

Yes with great results. The battery usually lasts about 8 hours. I’ve been using it for a couple years now on a GoPro 7.

I rarely have to worry about weather in my area, being in SoCal. But a friend of mine does a lot of race recording and streaming (Ben Goyette) and he runs an external battery with a USB cable down to a jersey pocket (or pack if he is wearing one).

I just ordered these and will see how it goes on tuesday when I take delivery

Also you’ll need this

and maybe this