Google Fit integration?

Would be great if my TrainerRoad rides would show up in my Google Fit account just like they do with my Strava account.


This would be awesome!

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If you sync your TrainerRoad Rides to Strava, Strava should then push the ride to Google Fit :slight_smile:

Have you given that a try?

I do sync my rides to strava, but they don’t seem to appear on google fit. Zwift and Outdoor rides in Strava both show up in google fit though.

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Hmm, that’s strange, I’m not sure why that is.

I would recommend reaching out to our Support Team as they are the experts on this type of thing. If there is anything that we are doing on our end preventing Strava from syncing that data to Google Fit, they’re the ones who can figure that out.

You can reach them at

Why should TrainerRoad rely on a 3rd party (Strava) for this feature? I think the fact that it’s not working highlights the need for proper integration.

Here’s where to find the documentation on how to do it:

edit: Previously my rides were syncing to fit via Strava but that’s stopped working for me too, which is why I made this post!

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The issue is that there are just too many third party training apps that we could develop Ride Sync for. If we tried to support all of the possible cross-platform syncing options, we wouldn’t have the development bandwidth to focus on the new features we want to bring to the table. We have a pretty small Development Team, so we have to pick out battles and focus our energy on what we believe will help TrainerRoad grow as a system.

Strava, who has a much larger development team, does have the ability to support all of these apps, so by supporting Ride Sync with Strava, we are able to support all of the apps Strava supports by using Strava as a middleman.

That being said, there are a few steps that we can take to get things running using our “workaround” method.

  • Reach out to our team at and we can see if there is anything on our end that is preventing the workout from exporting from Strava to Google Fit
  • Reach out to Strava support and mention that your workouts from TrainerRoad are not exporting to Google Fit properly.

I’m sorry that there isn’t anything else I can do to help :pensive:.


Strava has a dev team? Could have fooled me.



It’s totally understandable that TrainerRoad has to consider many different things when choosing where to allocate their development resources and maybe the decision has been made not to support Google Fit natively.

This thread is just my one vote for TrainerRoad to reconsider their decision to not spend resources to support it. Fit is not a small platform and it’s being pushed pretty hard by a company with a lot of weight to throw around. The Fit support documentation I linked above actually seems pretty darn good and maybe it wouldn’t actually take a lot of development resources to support it…


Sure thing greyltc, we really appreciate the feedback. Our Devs are currently “full speed ahead” re-developing our Apps using a new code base, but I will share your request with the team for future consideration :slight_smile:

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Awesome, thanks!

+1 to this, since the “outdoor” workouts pushed to my Wahoo don’t work very well with ERG mode, a basic feature like this would be pretty standard for the TD app to have.

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Just wanted to let y’all know there are still people that don’t like straven would like to be able to directly link to Google fit to track their health data without a third-party app having access to their data that has to be constantly linked and d-linked to push the information. :slightly_smiling_face: