Good workouts to combine with sweet spot outdoors?

I’m currently doing my own training plan (I like to experiment :slight_smile: ).

I’m in a sweet spot progression phase starting at 3x20 and moving out to 1x60 over the next 4 weeks. My goal is to improve TiZ/TTE.

I typically do 2 intense rides and two easy rides per week. I’m looking for suggestions of another “intense” ride to pair with my sweet spot rides that are doable outside and would be complementary.

I was doing some simple 5 minute intervals at threshold, starting and ending with a 30s sprint to work on getting lactate into the muscles and then getting the muscles to clear it whilst working at a high intensity but I’d like a bit of a change.

I live in an area of lots of rolling terrain where it’s really easy to gain and lose 20 watts in the space of 30 seconds just on road undulations. So when I think of a “doable” outdoor workouts, I generally think simple, big blocks at a certain power level. So no 95/105 over unders - too precise for the kind of rolling terrain I ride on. Sprints start/end of a block are okay.

Four weeks is way too long for this progression. Are you calling your session TiZ at 60 min? You should try to get to at least 90 min TiZ for the block.

As for a second workout: more sweetspot-ish stuff. Tempo-bursts would probably work well for the terrain stuff. Ride at tempo until you encounter a roller. Accelerate up the roller. Rinse and repeat. Start with 90 min, extend out to 3 hours or something.