Good pair of aero shoe covers?

The zippers on my first pair of cheep shoe covers ripped, and i’m looking to get a new pair.
ive heard good things about velo toez

I’m looking only for aero at the moment, rather than for protection. When i plan my next cross country style event or plan any events that’ll be in cold/extreme conditions i can get a more durable pair.

and i was wondering if anyone knows any other good brands
doesn’t have to be super cheap, just looking to keep it under $100. preferably under $50, but often you get what you pay for.

And any good combination of not too expensive while being pretty aero is great

havn’t been able to find any data yet comparing different brands like there is for tire rolling resistance and skin suit efficiency. So, wondering what brands/models you guys have liked.

Velotoze are very aero but they can be seriously hard to get on, easy to rip, and they can make your feet very hot and sweaty. I’d only consider them for TTs of around an hour or less.

I’ve been using Carnac Overshoes from Planet X, but don’t have any data on them.

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Baby powder. Lots of baby powder.
It will make it slide over shoe material as you stretch it much easier and has the added benefit of absorbing some of the moisture kicked off by your sweaty feet.

I’ve used Velotoze for over a year now. As above baby powder(talc) helps loads, as does how you put them on/off. Not great in hot weather as I found to my cost in a 100m TT last year, but other than that can’t fault them for the price.

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Baby powder is good! However, the following sequence is the key! I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen struggle and/or tear putting their Velotoze on because they tried to put them on after donning their shoes.

  • Put the Velotoze on first.
  • Next, put your shoes on.
  • Finally, carefully pull the Velotoze down over the shoe.

Works everytime! I can also confirm it can get incredibly sweaty inside that balloon on your foot

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Anyone try these?

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Yep. Velotoze. Buy two pair. They’re not durable. If you get four races out of a pair without tearing one, congratulate yourself.

These are my favorite but maybe out of your price range:

They’re fast, durable, comfortable, easy to put on.

Have used velotoze; I say 2 times of use is a generous estimate. Clean with water and reapply talcum powder inside and out before storage.
I have used the rule 28 socks with velotoze overshoes and has worked great and looks lit.
BUT as much as I love the rule28 idea their functionality for me lasted two wears. The third race I used them they started slipping down my calves. A sent a sob story letter to them out of frustration. They responded that it is a known problem - it sounded like a good percentage of people have this issue. They recommended using Tuffner Pre Tape Spray, honestly didn’t bother even searching it up.

Edit: just did search it up. Sounds simple just spray where the sock is going on and it sticks. Just would’ve been simpler if this wasn’t an issue for a simple sock or even their oversock system.

Mueller Pre Tape Spray - 10 oz (EA)

This is a test of different shoe covers they did in Germany. The text is in german.

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Thanks for that!

Interesting data. Get the short Velotoze, I guess! And junk the lycra shoe covers…

I just bought them and they work well. The toe cap isn’t as smooth as I would have expected, but if you look at the pictures closely, that is how they are made and tested. Easy on/off and breath well. I do have trouble having them stay up on my legs though. (same with the Rule 28 areo socks). I bought some pre-tape spray to try at my TT (40’ effort in around 80 deg weather) this past weekend and it worked like a charm.


Thanks for all the info. was very helpful <3

I used velotoze for a 100m TT on Sunday. Only the short ones mind you. I was conscious my feet might get hot and it was 13-18C but they were fine.

I have size 9 feet (44 shoes) and use the large. they don’t last long, especially when walking on a gravel car park. I am definitely getting more than 4-5 races if not more out of a set.

I know someone who keeps theirs in a box 1/3 full of talc power and makes sure that his are well talced inside before fitting them. (They do sticj together inside over winter). It makes sense and makes them easier to slip on.

Also I always check that my cleats are clear of the velotoze by test clipping in before heading off for my warmup.

I would definitely not like the longer ones, but that is a personal thing. Must be horribly sweaty on a hot day.

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Trick with velotoze if you are using them for aero and not just rain, ROLL THEM BACK UP WHEN WALKING AROUND.
If you are following the instructions properly you are putting them on as @KickrLin described:

  • Put the Velotoze on first.
  • Next, put your shoes on.
  • Finally, carefully pull the Velotoze down over the shoe

This means if you are walking around waiting for start or sign on just leave them rolled up at your ankle until you are done with the walking and ready to go.

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