New aero kit or new carbon soles mtb shoes

So I’m thinking a new aero kit = more gains than an new pair of mtb shoes with a carbon sole would vs an existing pair of non carbon soles mtb shoes which are ok tbh. Kit or shoes Thoughts ?

The gain is in the aero kit according to many sources. I believe I remember its aero helmet, then skin suit, then the rest.

If you havent listened to the podcast with the guys from the Specialized Win tunnel it’s worth it.


After listening to the wind tunnel podcast it got me thinking about this. I think it could be the kit which would benefit more too.

Is this for two disciplines or are you looking at aero kit for MTB riding?

Skin suit for mtb racing? You have someone giving you hand ups on every lap/feed stations? Tossing your tools where?

I do both but I was thinking of mtb specifically but kit can obviously transfer to road too. Shoes can’t. Leaning towards kits here lol

No not a skin suit although some have pockets don’t they

It’s a great podcast that one

COURE Speedsuits have pockets.

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I presume you are referring to clothing and not go faster kit like an aero helmet? You’d certainly attract attention if you did though :joy:
I wear the same bibs and tops on or off road, a benefit of the sleeker tops are the sleeves support your triceps a lot better.
A few bumpy descents had my triceps flapping around like bingo wings before I tried race fit tops.


Depends what the priority is…

Certainly the aero kit will give you some speed benefits so…you go faster

But if your shoes suck and your feet hurt all the time that’s probably more important than getting faster

So…are you trying to make yourself faster or solve a different problem?


Really depends a lot on the riding too. Skin suit benefits will ramp up in rides where you are hitting higher sustained speeds for longer periods of time. Leadville would be a prime example. However the carbon shoes are going to be more efficient everytime you turn the pedals. If they are lighter than your existing shoes, some added benefits will be had.

Other improtant factors is what kit do you currently wear and how good (or bad) are your existing shoes.

Nino doesn’t wear a skinsuit…

Nobody’s perfect…


Pretty close though…

Personally, I’d go for the shoes.

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Existing kit is prettty right and shoes are no bother just thinking what is best next step.

Got a 100km mtb race and a 50 miler and a lot of road sportive sand races too which is where the cross over of kit could be of benefit. Live in a really wind spot too.