Aero Gains - What to spend your money on

Recently found this old article regarding best TT equipment benefits per cost. Makes you think about what you’re best spending your money on:



There is something similar from Specialized and their “Win Tunnel” series. I may try to find it, but the conclusions are in line with your linked info (to the best of my memory).

I think this is it:


I’m impressed with the gain from shoe covers. Seems like a EZ way to gain a little something.

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There seems to be some debate on if shoe covers are effective. This study is behind a paywall but it claims that shoe covers are actually worse .

Of course there is a huge variety of shoes and covers, from what I have read a rubberized shoe cover that blocks the air 100% is much better than a lycra style that lets some air through.

In my opinion a shoe that is aero to begin with is the best choice. The Specialized Sub 6 is supposed to be very aero but it basically comes with a shoe cover :thinking: Unfortunately for me I like to be able to adjust my shoes on the fly…

According to the specialized win tunnel just a tight jersey is a huge savings over a loose one, and an aero road helmet was another big savings. The jersey in the video wasn’t even all that tight. Both these items are a minimal cost over the non aero version.


Shaving your legs! (and arms if they are exposed)

Also, here is another youtube video going into this very topic:
(the guy has a lot of other interesting videos, but always take it with a grain of salt :slight_smile: )

Yes I subscribe to his channel. He has interesting thoughts for sure

Think about two things: i) what does the wind hit FIRST, ii) what does the wind hit MOST.

Front wheel, helmet, body.

Buy a deep section F wheel, aero helmet, skinsuit, aerobars.

Train your body to be smaller.

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Aerocoaches take:

Pt. 1

Some cool insight in to the Boardman facility here in the UK.

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