Gilet/wind vest

When racing the numbers need to be visible for the officials. Some races that start in the early morning are quite chilly and require a vest (or something else?), but it warms up quickly and I may want to ditch it but can’t due to the numbers. Any ideas or suggestions?

I’d say screw the numbers?! Even the pros are covered up quite often :man_shrugging:

I wouldn’t worry I would cover them up. But if you are worried, go with a clear vest:

Capo Pursuit Vest

I’ve been told to either take my gilet off or pin the numbers on top and it was a mesh back.

You could go old school and stick some news paper up the front of your jersey.
Or get a jersey with a wind proof front

Just fold it up in the back so the numbers are visible.

Or just don’t worry about it. As long as they’re uncovered at the line you might be ok. Some commisaires really like to get cranky about stuff like this though.