Bike Purchse: Giant Trinity TT vs Cervelo P5

I have a 2016 Cervelo P5 that I pair up with a Super 9 Disc and 404 Front. The bike is great and corners on rails however I was contemplating switching to a Giant Trinity Advanced Pro TT which is a Time Trial specific module without all the bento box and water carrier that usually sits up the front of a triathlon specific bike:

The Cervelo frame has been around for a little while and is still current. It has hydraulic rim breaks and a one piece 3T Aduro Bar set up -

Am I a nutbag to consider this? Does anyone have experience with both bikes that can shed some light on handling, ride, adjust-ability, maintenance, fitment of super wide super9 on the giant?

Is it worth waiting another season for some development from other manufacturers for a Time Trial Specific machine.

I think the important information is - what are you using them for? TT, Tri, or both? Is there likely to be any need to be UCI legal?

My instinct is that they’re both fast bikes, so unless there’s some feature on the Giant that you really think you need (or some feature of the P5 you need to be rid of), it’s not going to give you any particular gains over the P5. You’re more likely to find gains with helmet, skinsuit, position, maybe a new set of bars.

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I will use it for TT only and UCI is preferable but not mandatory.

My big issue with the Cervelo is that to adjust the front bar height or extensions is a massive job. Even bar height requires bleed of the hydraulic fluid. The front end of the giant looks more manageable. That said once the p5 is set up properly then
that’s it I guess. Just future changes will be difficult. Have a helmet, suit and fits done :grin: