Giant SL1 wheel / tyre compatibility

Getting a new bike with Giant SL1 wheels. Unfortunately, this has hookless wheels which I don’t want to change.
I was planning to stick on Pirelli P Zeros but they are not compatible with the SL1 wheels per the Giant website (even though they claim to be hookless compatible on the package). Will not be using GP5000s as these are just impossible to get on and off.
So its probably Goodyear Eagle F1s (not tested on the Giant website) or Michelin Power Road Tubeless (tested on the Giant website).
Has anyone here used the F1s on SL1 wheels?
Also, any comments / feedback on the Michelin Power Road Tubeless?


I’ve used the Power roads, but not on the SL1’s. They are a great tyre. I’m not sure if they still make them, I think they have been replaced with the Power cup. The Schwalbe Pro One’s are also good.
Do you know you can run any tyre if you don’t pump them up over 72.5 psi?

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That’s what the Giant website, but there is an exclusion for the Pirelli P Zeros which appear to have been tested and not to have passed - have a look at tyres I should not use here:

Good to know the Michelin’s are good - I’ve just ordered some so will try them when I get the bike.

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It’s funny, I’ve never scrolled that far down the page. Not good researching from me.

Neither had I!!

Just happened to mention to the guy in the cycle shop that I’d got Pirellis and he told me. Good thing as it appears the Pirellis have failed.


I have been using the Goodyear Eagle F1 28mm for over 3 months now on my Giant SL 1 wheel set fitted to my 2022 TCR SL1. It has been fine. However, fitting the tyres on the rim was no easy task. If it’s hard to get on, it’s probably safe to say that it will not pop off in a hurry and it should be compatible with the SL1 rims.



They are good tyres for sure. I’m just over struggling to pop on and off tyres. Now I’m on Michelin Power Roads and they are very easy to get on… And off :+1::+1:

Has anyone tried 30mm tyres on these rims?

Not I. Can’t imagine there would be an issue, but probably not the best aero move as even 28s seem to bulge over the rim, thus losing aerodynamic efficiency.

The biggest aero disadvantage I have is me! A bigger tyre isn’t going to have that much difference.

I’ve been using GP5K S TR on SLR2 hookless, working absolutely awesome. The installation process was easy, tire got on just using my hands without any problem. Set them in the middle of the rim as recommended then pump them up just using a floor pump.

It was a 15min job for both tires.

If you want to go with the Pirelli’s, I believe the Velo TLR is “certified” by Giant. Or even the giant ones, which would be in theory even better for compatibility.

Cinturato velo tlr are approved sure, but they’re heavy, armoured touring tyres, a bit of a waste on a new fast bike.

I use the Schwalbe Pro One, seem fine to me. The Original Giant tyres my 2021 came with were noticeably slower rolling.

Correct and correct.

That’s why I choose the GP5K. I’m about to replace the rear one, roughly 4k km. It’ll take 1k km more and that’s it. Not to bad for a performance tire.

I’ve had two sets of P-Zeros on my SL1 wheels with no issues. GP5000’s are better tho. Never had a failure with either.