Tyres that fit on Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon UST Tubeless

Hi Trainer Roaders,

Hoping for some helpful advice on my tyre and wheel combo. I roll on the Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon UST Tubeless Rim Brake wheel-set. A fast a reliable wheel-set however like many many others I have experienced removing and reinstalling the tyres especially tough when repairing a roadside puncture finding it almost impossible resulting in several taxi rides home. This is something I have never had issues with whilst using other wheels in the past.

The tyre combos I have tried on the wheel-set previously are the Continental 5000s 28mm, Vittoria Corsa G2.0 28mm and the Mavic Yksium Pro UST II 25mm - all of which have been very difficult to seat onto the wheels.

I am looking for a suggestions on a fast training tyre that can be easily fitted with an inner tube onto this wheel-set that doesn’t require an oven/ hair dryer, large tools you cannot fit into a bike bag or the strength of Thor!

So any recommendations would be amazing.



I haven’t got your wheelset but I would give the hutchinson fusion 5 performance tyres a try.

They are the loosest fit tubeless tyres I have tried - and they performed pretty well. They arn’t too different fit wise to the mavic UST (made by hutchinson) tyres though.

Thanks for the recommendation Kev I’ll look into the fusion 5’s.
Despite the wheels being tubeless ready I’ve been going for the tyre inner tube combo as tubeless on the road has let me down a couple of times. If you can think of any other non tubeless tyres that may suit let me know.

Ah sorry I misunderstood, thought the inner tube requirement as just for emergencies on the road :+1:

Have you looked at how much rim tape you have on the rim? Tires are SUPPOSED to be tight on a tubeless rim. If you dont want to run them tubeless, you might try unwrapping some of the tape if possible.

Hey Earena,

Thanks for this. I’ve actually taken out any rim tape. So one step closer to cracking this!

Many thanks

These wheels are the worst IMO. I have a set that I had built last year and I’ve just stuck with the Schwalbe Pro One TL tyres. I don’t use the bike that they’re on anymore thankfully so don’t need to stress about getting a puncture and needing to get home.

One tip I do have though is get the Crankbrothers tyre lever and take two others with you when you go out. It’s the only way I could get the tyre on and off. I have to use the standard levers to hook the bead then use the Crankbrothers lever to actually sweep it around the rim to get it out. The Crankbrothers lever has a hook thing to help you get the tyre back on the rim too. Expect to sweat still but it’s the only think I could rely on.

I can’t wait to see the back of those wheels and will never use/recommend those rims again.

Edit: I once took the wheel to my LBS when my boyfriend was away (I’m not one to generally rely on male help when it comes to bikes as it is but these wheels were the exception!) and they sent the wheel out of true trying to prise the tyre on to the rim!