Ghost workouts being completed? 👻

I got a notification from Strava saying I had completed a TrainerRoad workout. Also showed up in TR. I was nowhere near a bike. :joy:

Edit: The plot thickens. The workout shows up on my Iphone and not on my PC. I also didn’t have Warren scheduled for today.

Anyone else have this happen?


AI has gone too far. Your bike has become sentient.

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Maybe you were in a fugue state? Did you find yourself in the grocery store, unexpectedly, by chance?



I mean I was on my way to Trader Joe’s at the time. lol

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account hacked?
check if the app suggest what equipment was used on the WO

Nah, some random broke in and did a ride, more worrying. :poop: :ninja:


And just like that the workout disappeared. Had to manually delete from Intervals, Training Peaks, Strava, and Garmin.

Resolved. Trainerroad is doing some testing on my account on their end due to AI FTP detection not working.


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