Ghent Six Day Race live stream coverage?

Does anyone know how to watch the Ghent Six live in the USA? It’s one of the few remaining six-day track events and has a great start list.

GCN+? Not sure if its available US side.

GCN+ is showing the UCI Track Champions League series. These too are great to watch, but not the traditional six-day race program.

Here’s a link to the Ghent Six website:

No mention of live coverage, just race results.

Nothing on Flo sports either. There are some highlights on [Sporza] but no livestream I can find. (Wielrennen: het belangrijkste wielernieuws, analyses en vooruitzichten | sporza)

It’s being broadcasted on a Proximus (telecom provider) premium channel for which you have to pay extra. Only the last day (Sunday) is broadcasted on Sporza for all to see. Also nothing to see on TiZ cycling unfortunately.

I tried to create a Proximus account, but was unable to because they seem to require a Belgium mobile number to which to send a verification code. Sporza mostly has rider interviews in Flemish(?). One interview of Fred Wright is in English, but it’s not very informative.