Generic / Fake Maurten?

Good, I’m glad you added that bit of info. Some may read your initial statement and believe that is the proper way to fuel and hydrate.

I’m glad I could clarify, Chief! :wink:

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7.5g of sodium per bottle? I hope thats a typo.

I wondered the same but after trying Maurten it taste like Maltodextrin and salt to me. Not crazy about the taste but it does seem to do the job.

I’ve been using Tailwind on longer rides and it’s been :+1:.

That’s a 2 hour food bottle. I’ll be taking in additional water from another bottle and on-course support (if it’s a race).

Nope. I have 15g per Liter, but it’s not Sodium Chloride which would destroy me and probably be less drinkable than sea water. It’s Sodium Citrate. And in concentrations around 15g per Liter you’re looking at a pretty close to isotonic solution which is what I’m going for. I’ve taken in up to 60g of Sodium (and the other trace electrolytes) on a 4 hour ride before with no problems.


Maybe @Jonathan can help us elaborate. :grinning::grinning:

That makes a lot more sense…so looking at your total water consumption…you’re somewhere in the neighborhood of 375 calories per half liter of water consumed. Makes a LOT more sense haha.

Where do you buy these ingredients / brands?

Also, do you add any flavoring? Or does the maple syrup add a little bit of taste?

I tried Maurten for the first time this past weekend, and to me it tasted like slightly “stale” water.

@brux Is it the un-labeled version of the Maurten gel? Link here

Not from what I read and based on the description:

Designed using the same high-performance formula as the original but without any branding on the packaging, the Maurten Unofficial Gel 100 12-Pack can be used by all runners, even those sponsored by other brands. Maurten combines nutrition and science to create one of the most efficient energy gels available.

That product is the same stuff, but able to be used incognito for those with other brand sponsorship.

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I got them all from Amazon. For the brands, I just look for ones that have a decent amount of reviews that are not all terrible and don’t look like robots. Most of them ended up coming from “BulkSupplements” but there were a couple others in there as well. And on the taste front, I don’t add anything else as the maple syrup is good enough to make it go down pretty easily. (It can get pretty sticky though if you spill it)

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Here is how I made an easy cheap 90g glucose:fructose mix from two easily obtainable premade items. You can probably get them for a bit cheaper or comparable items. I get the gatorade powder from my local grocery store for ~$5/container but the pricing is similar from amazon

This basically a mixture of table sugar(50:50 glucose:fructose), dextrose(glucose), electrolytes, and flavoring.

I assume for simplicity that its essentially 50:50 glucose:fructose by weight since I don’t know the exact composition so for 90g, i’ll need 30g of fructose or 60g of gatorade mix, which is about 3x the recommended dosage from gatorade. 23g/12 fl oz(350ml) or ~60g/22floz(650ml normal bottle size)

To make up the remaining glucose, you could buy glucose powder or maltodextrin powder. I chose maltodextrin powder as I know it will not be sweet and it will keep the overall osmolality of the solution down. I use this one because its pretty cheap/g and its in a nice container for storage and of known origin and dissolves relatively well. Its corn based and some prefer rice based tapioca maltodextrin or even cheaper from a local brewery supply store in bulk or a health food store

I used a scale I tared and an old SIS container to mix in at a 2:1 ratio, 200g gatorade:100g maltodextrin

Did some back of the napkin math to calculate grams of carbs and mg of electrolytes

Since I didn’t know the ratio of sodium chloride(NaCl) to sodium citrate(C6H5O7Na3) or potassium phosphate, I couldn’t determine the chloride and citrate ion concentrations to compare to SIS but its in the right ballpark

So for ~$25 you can make ~25 bottles of 90g fake maurten/betafuel or ~$1/bottle with lots of maltodextrin remaining, or for ~$40 50 bottles, or $0.80/bottle, or 1/4-1/3 the cost of beta fuel.

In terms of flavor/sweetness I find it pretty palatable mixed at this concentration and comparable to the SIS GO powder due to its use of artificial sweeteners, and its easy enough to dissolve in a bottle with vigorous shaking. Bonus, you can also just mix 60g of maltodextrin in a bottle for an almost flavorless carb bottle for training when you don’t need the electrolytes or going on a short ride for ~$0.10/bottle.


I’m going to try this, my nearby Big W sells maltodextrin powder in the brewing aisle and the supermarket sells Gatorade powder. You don’t add any salt or anything?

No, there is lots of salt in there already at that concentration. Not sure if you want more or not its higher than the sis amount already

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I wonder if there much difference between Maurten’s drink mix and energy drinks in jelly form like these Weider energy jelly drinks:

That’s 45g of carbs in drinkable jelly form which you can get at any grocery or convenience store (at least in Japan).

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OK I just want to clarify here…are you doing your mg to g conversions correctly?
Companies like Precision Hydration are doing 1500mg per Litre for their products;

You are, if your conversions are correct, doing 15,000mg/L, 10x the amount prescribed. Or 7500mg if we go with your original 7.5g measurement.

Can you clarify?

I had criticisms of the 800cal per bottle too, but kept those to myself and gave up based on the response.

I assumed the 800 cal/bottle was for like 2 hours. I mix my bottles at 2-3x as well with 1 bottle of plain water. Then refill and top off as necessary on your ride

No idea how it compares to Maurten, but there’s another thread here Maltodextrin or Glucose for fueling? on mixes too.