Geiger \ Dave Brailsford on TR

Looks like Geiger has some other fans out there @Nate_Pearson

Dave Brailsford sharing the TR experience.


You’d think he would just get a coach to make a plan for him

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Bound to know 1 or 2 who could help him out tbf ha

He’ll be getting Froome to ride some of his TR workouts soon for extra Strava kudos.

Look how smooth his pedalling is though!


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I’m calling B.S. on that cadence :joy:


Smooths a Kickr also cadance?

Looks like his FTP is exactly the same as mine lol.

156 watts average and the speed almost 40 kmh. Must be a pro thing. :thinking:

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I hope you’re not accusing Team Sky of cheating :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Been following him on Strava recently and credit where its due, he has answered almost every question on cycling and training put to him in his ride comments. He’s talked about his own training plan and has come over really well.
I must admit it’s not what I expected, given the polarising nature of Team Sky and the part he plays in the image that they have.

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Looks like Sir Dave had some issues with power on the App vs his Stages (see comments). @Nate_Pearson and @Jonathan maybe you can help him out and get him as a guest in the podcast haha.

I just commented on his ride :-D.

Thanks for the heads up everyone!


Because he is the Team Sky sports director and employs a load of top level coaches.

Subtle @Nate_Pearson I would have just piled in with “will you come on the podcast pleeease” :joy:

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Sounds like he enjoyed TR. @chad better get writing some custom Team Sky plans :slight_smile:

@Nate_Pearson Ted King, too:

Ted King is a strong dude!!! There are other pros who use us who don’t share so we don’t share…but it’s really nice to see people sharing!

It’s great marketing for us!!


Oh, and we don’t pay any athletes to use TR like some other brands do cough cough.

In the world of sport it’s hard to tell if pros are using a product because they like it or because it pays the bills :wink:.