Pros using TR for their training

Keegan, Hannah, Cole and other “friends of the podcast “ are all great guests and clearly are friends with Jonathan - but do they use TR for their plans? They never mention that, nor do they post such in their socials, that I’ve seen.

I understand they all have personal coaches. Just curious is all. I’m assuming they do not since TR hosts don’t promote that.

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I doubt that they do.

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I don’t think they use training plans but I’ve seen Keegan post individual indoor rides using TR.

Full time pro athletes have the luxury of moving to different parts of the country/world, seasonally, to train outdoors.


I think Keegan’s coach is Jim Miller who coaches a a few of high level athletes.

any pros would a) need to do more volume than TR provides and b) even TR low volume plans plus extra volume probably wouldn’t work for a lot of high level athletes for a variety of reasons


It’s fair to say that a lot of pros loathe indoor training. While I’m sure there are exceptions, the vast majority that I follow and pay attention to ride outdoors the majority of the time. Keegan, Payson, Kate Courtney, Iz King, Hannah Otto are a few examples. You will see some pro’s on Zwift at times. Ted King comes to mind and others who may be sponsored to ride Zwift. I’m sure some use TR on bad weather days as it is still a really good tool.

As an amateur, with a fulltime job, but has a coach that lays out my training plans and workouts, I still find TR very useful. I’m time crunched during the week so do utilize the trainer especially during the poor weather months. I’ve either imported my workouts directly into TR or picked alternatives from the huge library which is all very useful. A lot of people mistakenly associate TR just with TR training plans, but it offers so much other great utility.

One thing that would be interesting to know is how many pro’s utilize the FTP detection feature. I’ve found it useful as it seems to generate a more accurate number than WKO did for me. I’ve talked with my coach about it and we’ve used the AI FTP this season to anchor my zones.


The only takeaway is you have an awful coach.

why would we be here talking about how great TR is (at 20$ a month) at controlling the resistance of our trainers. TR is the training plans. That’s the value they bring to the table. And why would one need a workout library if they knew what they needed to do. “Workout” <> “Blue bars on the screen”

Not everyone views the value as the plan. I like AIFTP. I like workout selection. I can do my own plan using the tools provided


Did this question honestly need to be asked? If I had Jim Miller as my coach, I surely wouldn’t use a TR plan and that is no criticism against TR.

Why not? The claim on the front page of the website is: “Cycling’s Most Effective Training App” and “Personalized, AI-powered cycling training adapts to your goals, performance, and schedule, giving you the right workout every time.”

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the more I do my own thing, the less useful I find TR (in fact, I just lost access today after cancelling after years of using TR). Pros likely won’t use Erg and in some cases won’t do programmed workouts (like vo2, for example, high level users will do maximal efforts without erg and rest periods may vary based on the need to recover, TR workouts are limiting in that regard). I’ve personally done workouts that I designed for myself that I can’t imagine TR recommending under any plan, such as 2x60 sweet spot like I did last week. Pros have very specific needs, I know TR likes to show pros using it for warmups or whatever, but I think overall there’s no compelling feature for pros to use the product

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Really it’s not. If I was a new cyclist, and saw that on TR home page, I would want to know if the pros on the podcast are using TR to program their workouts. And if not, why. Those are completely innocent and basic questions.


I haven’t used a TR plan since 2019 and don’t find them helpful at this stage, but I still find the app useful to execute my workouts. I don’t like Zwift and rather do workouts in TR either with music for high intensity stuff, or watching stuff on the television if lower intensity. Being able to import workouts from TP is useful for me but having access to the workout library to figure out alternates is also helpful. So, at least for me, there is a lot of value that TR brings to the table other than the training plans.


I guess it did- since I didn’t have the answer.

Thanks for your kindness.


Could be worse. He could have you as a coach.

That’s like saying why use accounting software or spreadsheets if you can just use Notepad or TextEdit.


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There was a screenshot of a team at the TdF last year using trainerroad to control their trainers for warmups at the team van. I can’t remember which team, but that’s something. I’m sure they have a proper coach, or team of coaches, but they still clearly use TR as a tool.

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I’ve seen Ted King using TR workouts on his Insta feed during the off-season.