Gear Bags for Race Day

Cross season is in full swing, temps are dropping, and the weather is becoming unpredictable. This means bringing almost every bit of your cycling wardrobe to your cross race. My question, what bags do you all use to transport your gear? I’ve been using just an old duffel from my soccer days, but find that my OCD does not appreciate the chaos of everything being thrown into one big compartment.

I mostly just use a backpack because then I can clip my helmet to the staps and my shoes can fit into a smaller front pocket in some of the other small pockets you can put your gels or any other things you could need and your clothes in the main pocket.

I love my Cat5 Gear bag:

I dont have any problems carrying just about everything I need for winter/summer/etc in it and when I do need more space I just clip my helmet to the handle and have plenty of room still inside.

I use kit brix and they are mega!


Cat 5 bag here too. Going on like 4 years old. Holding up still.

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Really happy with my Pedal Industries Raceday bag.



I have one of these. It’s packed with everything needed for race days two nights before the first race of the season. Dirty race kit is washed immediately and re-packed as soon as it’s dry. I’ll unpack it and put it away after the last race of the season.

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I really rate the Silca Maratona Gear Bag. It is a perfectly spec’d race bag, but a little pricey. However, if it is anything like my Silca floor pump in terms of durability, it’ll be a steal.

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What brand is that?

Thanks, those look nice.

Another kitbrix fan here. I like that two zipped together is no bigger than a decent backpack and the straps can be hooked up to allow it to be carried on your back.

+1 here for the Pedal Industries Raceday Bag. We did a custom design for our club and I love how it looks, as well as how it’s organized.

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It’s a Rapha Team Sky wet bag. It’s pretty old. I actually bought if off Adam Blythe!!

So went looking for a gear bag for my wife to handle both her gravel and mountain bike gear. We hope to start taking bike adventure focused trips in the coming year and wanted a bag that could work well for traveling to destination as well as local rides.

I looked hard at the Pedal Industries race bag, but just thought they looked pretty flimsy I am a big fan of Osprey packs and just happened to get an email today about a sale. I found this bag and liked the price, size and material quality. I hope she likes it as I ended up getting one for me too :joy::joy:.

[Osprey Snowkit](http://Osprey Snowkit)

Anyone else have one of these? If so will it work well for a cycling kit bag?

I am a big fan of the Showers Pass Duffel for CX and MTB rides. It is a duffel with great additional organization pockets for cycling (2 bottle holders, felt pocket for garmin, large side pockets). Plus the company is local to me. It seemed spendy for a bag, but after using other cheaper options I am happy I finally purchased this duffel (20% off)

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Scicon Race Rain Bag is great with labelled compartments. Great to transport things but also great if you have a crew at longer races and you need them to grab you something quickly.

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For racing cross I use the Osprey Transporter. Its 90 or 100L.

I can fit 2 full sets of clothes in (including shoes and helmets) plus tonnes of spare base layers, socks, etc etc. Its super sturdy, water resistant and has stash-away rucksack straps. Its awesome.

@Scheherazade @MrFarndon, A friend has the kitbrix and they are pretty cool. I really want to get one for going to rides afterwork or on the weekend.

What I decided to buy first was a bag for race weekends and went with a tri bag. ( It is a bit overkill for a single ride, but works great for an overnighter. It is usually the only bag I have to bring if I go light on the non-bike stuff. Being a backpack is nice to when you are wheeling you bike in and out of hotels.

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Not sure if my link worked in my previous post. Trying this again:

I have the original MountainSmith cycling bag. They made changes this year to it – and think they actually improved it.

Tempted to get a new one for my Tri stuff, but I just get almost everything into the cube now.