Race Gear Bag for Riding to Race

I often either ride to a race or ride to a rental/car share on my way to a race. Does anybody have kit bag recommendations for that? I usually bring at least normal shoes, a change of clothes, various kit options (especially during cross) and some basic tools. What would be really awesome would be something I can attach a wheel bag to so I can bring some pit wheels. And yeah, since I’m riding my road or cross racing bike, it has to all go on my back.

ortlieb waterproof messenger backpacks

Ortlieb Messenger Bag - Moosejaw

for example

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I don’t have one, but have always liked the look of the XL (and PRO?) Pedal Industries bags that include the backpack straps.

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Tried a lot of options but if I go with the car it is: Ikea big blue bag :slight_smile:

I would think most triathlon transition bags would cover you.

Check out this zipp one

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got one of these forthe track:

and one of these for road/cx:

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Yup…definitely the best option.

I know several riders who ride to races and just strap their spare wheels to the outside of their backpack…not exactly light (or aero!), but functional.

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