GCN+ being closed, December 2023

My exact feeling. FLO is hot garbage.


agreed, Flo is total crap. I subscribed for a total of 1 hour and canceled. Looks like for US, it’s Eurosport + VPN + Paypal? Anybody going to try this route any time soon and report back here?


Man this sucks, especially for a US cycling fan.

The hope is that if all the content/coverage is indeed being migrated over to Discovery+ that it will be just as easy to use a VPN to watch said geo-locked coverage with a Discovery subscription.

Corporate Greed in action.

Unsubscribed from all GCN channels on YouTube and cancelled my subscription to GCN+.


The announcement said more information for regions outside of the EU are still to come……my plan is to wait until those announcements are made before trying anything.


That will teach them!


the most important question is, do I still get to see Orla Chennaoui?? My cycling life is meaningless without her


Very disappointed with this news - I used to subscribe to the Eurosport App, so back to that I guess. I only really watched the cycling - I guess the rest of the family may watch some of the other stuff.

Thoughts with those that’ll lose their jobs, which kinda puts my moaning at a few extra euros in perspective. Maybe the writing was on the wall when they moved some of the Tour coverage to London from Bath.

Eurosport coverage and app is way worse than GCN+, especially since eurosport become here part of other platform - deeply unhappy with that, especially that I wouldn’t have a problem to pay a little bit more for the gcn+.


Look: I get the impulse and agree with the general sentiment that streaming is showing the uglier side of corporate greed and consolidation at the cost of viewers and fans.

But I highly doubt Warner Brothers will take note if a few, justifiably angry, cycling fans unsubscribe from a Youtube niche sports channel they happen to own.

Man the waiting for this will suck. I really hope the solution they offer is adequate enough but I have my doubts…


I’m hoping Discovery+ is a whole lot better than the Eurosports App I can remember. If I recall things were either live or catchup. There was no way in being 30mins late and watching from the start. Things were also chaotic, things were hard to find in the first place and when you did find it, I think it was often delayed by say 45mins of a snooker overrun without clear information it was actually a 45mins delay :slightly_frowning_face:
I don’t think that profitability for GCN+ was a problem, at least they are not presenting it in their press release, but service streamlining by Warners (unsaid corporate greed) :-1:

Usually I couldn’t find the race, then like you said it was delayed. There were transmissions uninterrupted without the ads of course but usually there was some technical issue and 30% of the time they didn’t work :slight_smile: Here there is no eurosport app and eurosport is only as part of other vod player that belongs to discovery(but it isn’t D+) and finding anything is almost impossible - it was main reason I have moved to GCN+. Not to mention it was cheaper than paying for eurosport and watching snooker tournaments all day long.

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Agreed, it’s hard when these companies do stuff that we disagree with but, especially for US viewers, all this probably does is show GCN and Warner Bros that there aren’t as many viewing numbers in this market. And just make it more likely that they have less and less available streams. It’s definitely a lose-lose situation for most.

Major bummer. Going to see if the VPN to GCN+ still works after the close date. That subscription was such a screaming deal.

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Orla works for Eurosport not GCN


Just to back that up, she’s been doing TNT Sports Rugby coverage, also part of the Discovery channels in UK & Ireland.


It’s a pity about GCN+ as I now have to listen to Bobke (wretch) and Phil here in the states. As for Flo, I dumped them years ago because of putting ads in the middle of streaming coverage that I was paying not to see.

I hope there is an affordable platform available soon to watch European cycling and listen to proper presenters here in the US.

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I’m confused. Can I get a EU Eurosport subscription from the US with VPN?

I need to watch the documentaries before GNC ends

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I think that is still unclear at this point and I wonder if we will ever get official confirmation from Warner Brothers Discovery. Considering NBC has US rights to the grand tours and bigger Classics races I am not sure how WB could even handle this. I am also not sure how “VPN friendly” the Discovery+ app is but anecdotally I have heard not so encouraging things. And it will probably take a US resident to try this for a racing event on Discovery for us to find out.


Previously this has been possible, but very difficult. Some others in the thread have commented, and described the process. You will need to use PayPal (I have heard mixed success) or a European credit card, and a VPN.