GCN+ being closed, December 2023

let’s face it, producing that content isn’t as profitable as producing clickbait lol


It was interesting that they said they had “hundreds of thousands” of paid subscribers.

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Neither of those are clickbait…


ultimate climbing bike isn’t clickbait? a ridiculous premise to get someone to watch is very much clickbait, at least that’s how i feel

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what does “following closure, you can still use your GCN account on the GCN website”? are there races on the GCN website? what’s the difference btw the website and GCN+. I will have a mental breakdown without races to watch on the trainer

Tragic loss of GCN+'s highest quality race coverage!

Still, more time now available to watch the endless “free” garbage GCN throws onto Youtube, while scrolling through pics of some saddos’ commutes…


I just bought a year of VPN for this…what a bummer.


I think it will depend on your region….for Euroland, it sounds like this is indeed what will happen through one of their other services.

For the rest of the world, we are in “Wait and see” mode, unfortunately….which sucks. I really hate it when announcements like this are made without a clear path for moving forward. Just leaves people wondering WTF is going on.

Which honestly is pretty low when you factor in that it is a global audience.




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Does anyone know if it is possible to get a Eurosport subscription outside of the EU if you use a VPN? Or do you need an EU postal code / CC# in order to secure the subscription?


Just got pinged the email as I was reading this.

Yes that seems about right.

Also curious about this.

Also curious if we’d be able to get all the races on discovery+ with a vpn to the UK?

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There are way more security pieces in place that aim to stop vpn access to Eurosport and Discovery+. I’ve tried over the years and haven’t had any success. It’s a pretty depressing day.

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I know there are bigger problems in the world right now, but personally this is incredibly sad. There’s no way Warner Bros will give us US folks the same level of access that GCN+ has done, especially for smaller sports like cyclocross.


Clickbait is when the title or packaging of the video/article misrepresents what’s actually in the content in order to get you to click on it. If you watch either of those videos, you’re going to get exactly what they’re telling you in the title/thumbnail. They may be stupid videos or unscientific experiments, but they’re not misrepresented by the packaging.

Making the packaging of your content as intriguing and enticing as possible to the potential viewer is just good marketing and what every creator SHOULD be doing.


Well shit.


Is there or will there be any way for someone in the US to VPN to the UK and get the eurosport coverage without getting a VPN block?

I’m already doing the VPN bit with GCN+.

I can also get a private IP through my VPN provider.


When I subscribed a few years ago from the US, I had to use PayPal in addition to a VPN to subscribe successfully. CC wouldn’t work. After that, I only needed the VPN for the app as needed.


Time to catch up on any documentaries on my list!