GCN+ being closed, December 2023

I am sad to see GCN+ go…a bit of looking around and I can generally find the race I want to see while training (or late night viewing) on youtube. It is a moving target though as channels get shut down and others crop up. Prior to GCN+ I often ended up watching cyclocross races but with other language commentary. It didn’t bother me though because I would just listen to music while watching the race. Its a crap sandwich for sure though and I will miss the platform.


Ublock Origin is still working well for me with regards to YT ad blocking.

I’ve also played around with the FreeTube app and it works brilliantly.

I couldn’t get Eurosport in past even with vpn because my credit card wasn’t addressed to Europe. US based cycling fans like myself might be super screwed

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That’s why Jumbo bailed

What are you basing this on? My understanding was that the cycling patron at jumbo passed away and the new ownership wanted out. This is fairly typical for cycling, where teams rely on a single wealthy individual advocating for the sponsorship through their holdings

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That is exactly what happened. I can’t entirely blame people for being suspicious given cycling’s history, but there’s also just a lot of finger pointing whenever someone’s favorite team and/or rider isn’t on top.

Small clarifaction (doesn’t change outcome and topic)
Previous CEO, who was patron for many sports defrauded money and was accused of money lauderring. After that Jumbo back out of all sport sponsorship (not sure if they stick with RedBull F1)


I didn’t verify this but if you don’t mind spanish you can probably watch almost eveything (road) on Teledeporte site (free) with a VPN

There are probably other options of the same type in other countries that I don’t know about


Most of the world?!

I have never used a VPN. What software does everyone like to use? I have no idea which one to pick. I guess I just need a basic (cheap) version. Help me out I am pretty clueless.


But don’t get ahead of yourself. We don’t really know how this will play out yet. Although likely, it’s possible you won’t need to use vpn software


I use Nord vpn. It’s only $4-5/month, and you can put it on multiple devices, including your phone. good security measure to have regardless of cycle sport viewing

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Norton Internet Security software (on PCs, phones etc) comes with VPN (country selectable) included, no need for a separate VPN subscription. Been using it with GCN for a couple of years now. Just picked up my next 12 month (10 devices) bundle for CAD$24 on sale!


Good dig. Verified with some vpn. Looks like a lot of road is covered


Do you have to run Norton antivirus etc, or can you just use it as a gateway to cheaper VPN?

I took out 2 years of NordVPN, which expires in Jan. The sign up special was good, but the renewal is double or so. So will not renew, and then decide what makes the most sense.

It’s installed on all my devices anyway for the protection (just runs silently in the background), for the VPN I just open the Norton app and turn the VPN on. I guess you could always turn off features you don’t want?

So, set vpn to Spain and it should work?

It’s what happens when you price something incorrectly…

For me, there’s nothing on Youtube that makes it worth me paying Google £12/month UK, when I can pay Netflix £7/month, which I get far greater usage & comparative value from. There’s some good stuff on YT, but it’s also a vast ocean of total sh!te put out by chancers trying to avoid having a proper job :wink:

Google fcked up by bundling Music with YT, pushing up the price of the bundle, but I don’t want to buy a bundled YT/Music package . I’d pay them £5/month for YT video alone, but as there’s no option for that I choose to pay them nothing and use ad-blockers instead. If they managed to derail all ad-blocking options, I just wouldn’t watch YT at all…

Fix the pricing / ditch the bundling, and they could get some revenue from me - and maybe from a gazillion others who think likewise.


I think it should.
The southern European countries usually have state backed TV and these countries usually invest on cycling rights and are free to the population, so I’m guessing RAI in Italy and Canal+ in France will be other options for cycling.

Tutte le dirette TV ed eventi live esclusivi in streaming su RaiPlay

Live TV (canalplus.com)

It’s also possible that these channels have their own app’s.

ps: also check Sporza from Belgium for cyclocross, they have an app but I don’t know if it’s free

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Back in the late 90’s / early 00’s, RAI was available on my providers’ packages and I would subscribe for the Giro and Milan-San Remo.

It remains some of the best viewing experiences for cycling….Italian announcers are the best. You don’t even have to understand Italian to get swept up in it.