Gatorade Gx Sweat Patch

I bought a couple of these on a lark. Had heard they were in development a while back in the Semipro Cycling podcast, then saw Gatorade ended up being the one to make them commercial.

Soon as it’s warm enough in Chicago to sweat I will give it a try.

See you in July. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Actually, low 60’s tomorrow and Tuesday and I’m kinda psyched. Back to commuting and lunch ride planned both days. :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Patch requires a bare arm, yeah in the 60s should work

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My arms generally don’t sweat much, the rest of my body sweats plenty. Wonder how I could use this. Am I just weird?

What do you mean back to commuting? I haven’t stopped!

You are a harder man than me…and I am perfectly OK with that. :wink::wink:

Better than riding the COVID bus to get downtown…

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Didn’t quite hit low 60’s, but it was high 50’s and damn nice at lunch!!

When the patch is triggered does it say “Buy” :roll_eyes:

This title is great


I read “Gatorade Sweet Peach” and got all excited.

Someone who hasn’t tried Cucumber Lime obviously

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For $25 will definitely give these a try. Will be interesting to see how values vary as temps begin to increase going into summer.

Even more curious to see how they compare against something like the Precision Hydration testing (in person tests, not questionnaire).

Hopefully their video is better than Engadget’s. Clearly their video editor/reviewer is not the target audience.

Saw this for $25 and the reviews for the sodium loss seemed decent so thought I’d give it a shot. I just did my first test during a 60min sweet spot workout. I basically am trying this just to gauge how much sodium I need to add tk my bottles and also because I’m a data nerd and enjoy this type of stuff.

Easy enough to use. Basically sweat and sodium elicit color changes on the patch and then when you take a picture of the patch it analyzes those color changes to give you a sweat and sodium loss range.

From the reviews I’ve read seems like most are suggesting doing this 4-5x to get a decent sample size and then take the average within that.

The app itself is hot garbage but I only want the raw data so it’s of minimal importance to me.


This is an understatement! It’s the worst app I have ever used.

Do you have a read on how the fluid loss tracks against other estimates? For example I see that my Garmin watch will give me a fluid loss value, but tbh I don’t pay much attention to it since drinking “enough” water on a ride doesn’t seem to be a problem for me. I don’t know how accurate it is.

Fluid loss is definitely going to be its short coming. Best way for fluid loss calculation is pre/post weights including clothing and subtract fluid consumed.


I’d argue weighing with as little clothing as possible will be more accurate, since depending on the clothing that could soak up quite a lot of sweat (that you want to count as ‘fluid loss’).

Also bought a pack of these sweat patches, waiting on a hot day and good workout to use em. Doubt I’ll use multiple packs to get a more accurate measurement, since at some point you can also just get a sweat test by Precision Hydration (the labs I checked a while back were ~$100).

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