Vector 3 pedals

I am new to using power meters. For whatever reason, within the TR app, when I try to calibrate my vector 3 pedals it just circles endlessly and never seems to calibrate. Does anyone else run into this problem? When I very first connected it, it seemed to calibrate within seconds, but now I can’t seem to get any sort of results. Thoughts?

Although the app sees it linked there is never any info or reading from the app.

While the TR app doesn’t seem to read anything, my head unit does.

I use the Vector 3 pedals and rarely have problems. You may try calibrating in the Garmin app. I would also recommend contacting TR support, they are really helpful and I’m sure can help find the solution

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Vector 3s user here. I calibrate my pedal through my garmin edge headunit.


I notice you are connected via Bluetooth - I believe the vectors will only pair with one device this way so make sure your head unit or other app isn’t hogging the connection.