Garmin Vector 3 with conversion body or Garmin Rally XC


I currently have Favero Assioma pedals, but have been riding with with Cross shoes and SPD cleats more. I want to get SPD compatible pedals (and I don’t want to do the Assioma hack). So, the obvious choice is to get the Rally XC’s. However, for the same price I could get the Vector 3’s and the XC conversion body - then would be able to have SPD and Look compatible power meter pedals for the price of just the new Rallys. Any reason to go the Rally route? I know there have been problems with the battery doors on the Vector 3’s, but it sounds like the newer ones fixed that (and Garmin will send new ones if not…).

Or do I just get the SRM’s and give up on Garmin? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for any thoughts on this!


If your have got the budget for a separate rally xc i would buy that and keep the assiomas.
Changing pedal bodies on the spindles is a task/chore which have to be done, every time. I know I would not do that, and then I would have a sub-optimal setup.

I’ve had the garmin XC100 since they were released and i like them.
No battery issues ata ll - they just work.

They are a lot fatter than a normal SPD pedal and i mostly use them on my gravel bike.
i did try them on my xc bike - but the data was not very useable due to the nature of riding off road.
I’d never use them on my enduro bike… for fear of hitting rocks with them.

I had the Garmin XC and they worked great… the size and weight made me sick though. I now have Favero Hack’s on the way as it equates to the lightest power meter when combined with the proper crank. If I was in your shoes I would either change the Favero or just buy a set of XC100’s.

I went through all the Garmin headaches years ago, the V3’s are fine now and I have even done the conversion with much success… I would say garmin is though most of the problems so from a standpoint of issues dont worry about that.

I have V3 with Rally convert. Conversion is super quick (<10 min) and I was impressed with the seals on the pedals being in great shape after a few years and after wet/muddy gravel race. That said it’s fiddly enough that I wouldn’t swap regularly, but rather on a seasonal basis.