Garmin Vector 3 Battery Door Replacement

Despite never having had any issues, I received an email from Garmin today offering me a free replacement of the battery door.

Might be worth checking your inbox/ spam/ junk if you use the same pedals.

Garmin recently became aware of issues with the battery contacts of returned Vector 3 units. It was determined that the swelling of batteries under normal discharge over time can cause the battery contacts to become compressed, which could result in power drops and spikes. This, combined with the shock and vibration experienced in cycling, could permanently deform the contacts leading to disconnects. The battery swelling does not present any safety–related concerns.

In an effort to improve the reliability and functionality of the Vector 3 system, we have redesigned the battery contacts and doors to prevent these issues from occurring. All Vector 3 owners can get free redesigned battery doors by entering the discount code below at

Note: Vector 3 customers will need a quantity of two. Vector 3S will need a quantity of one.

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Totally unrelated but I am wondering how many people on here know what an Indigo Rallye is?

Hi Mike :grin:

Hello! How’s it going?
(it should be Bianca Rallye now! Just can’t help myself!)

All good thanks, I can’t believe there are any left, white or indigo!

No cars here, just a few bikes, last time on track was a season of trackdays in a stock hatch Saxo about 7 years ago. Those days are long gone!

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Hi All, if you own a Vector 3, check your emails and spam boxes because Garmin is offering free replacements for the battery doors to deal with issues with battery swelling found on some units.

First i saw the email on my spam box and o thought it would be a scam but i used the code they sent and it is legit, got a new set of covers with small hardware in order for 0 dollars.

Hmmm, not had anything here (UK). Will hassle their customer support if I don’t hear anything in the next couple of days…

I am in UK. Email came this afternoon.

Just triple checked, turns out I just don’t know how to find the spam folder in Gmail. Ordered my new doors. Fair play to Garmin for persisting with the Vector 3 fixes, this must be costing them a decent chunk of cash.

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I too got the email but had my doors replaced after the initial redesign… Wasn’t aware there was a second.

This is actually the 4th door design!

I have not received any mail from garmin. :confused:


I am in UK, email came yesterday. Ordered… and am told dispatched… Free of charge… when you use the code they give you.

Are Vector 3s safe to buy now? have the teething issues been sorted?
I heard there has been a lot of issues, i’ve had originals and have the vector 2s at the moment but will be looking for a new set soon.

It depends. There’s a couple of flaws in them that can’t be fixed no matter how much Garmin try. Firstly, they’re great if you follow all Garmin’s recommendations around things like applying a dab of mineral oil between the batteries and on the contacts. If you don’t, you might run into issues with battery fretting. The other major flaw in my opinion is around the battery cover. It’s a metal component screwing into a plastic thread. That’s not a great design choice and I’m baffled as to why Garmin went with it. You have to be very careful when replacing the end caps.

If you can live with those two things, then they’re fine. Accuracy is generally good and the batteries last a decent amount of time. They do look nicer than the pedal based competition and I personally prefer swapping out a battery vs having one more thing to charge. Given the issues have all been battery based, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see the Vector 4 switch to a rechargeable design though!

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nice, thanks! the 2s seem bombproof at the moment, have two sets now and never had issues. only looking to upgrade to lose the aesthetics of the pod.

An Indigo blue 106 Rallye (1600cc 8 valve homologation special with windy windows and steel wheels).

I seriously wish I had not asked :slight_smile: :frowning:

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For me the offer to replace the battery compartment came just in time.
After a year of flawless use, I (again) had to change the batteries, what I did.
With the new batteries inserted, the pedals were working for about ten minutes until I got the first drop-outs. This got worse and after about an hour, the connection was completely lost.
The new batteries are 5.4mm thick while the empty removed ones were 5.45mm thick.
Bought new batteries of a different brand with pretty much the same result.
The day after I tried the second set of new batteries, I got the offer from Garmin.
Yesterday I finally got the replacement parts and right now I will install them.
My Vector 3s already had the revised battery compartment design when I bought them.
The design of the replacement parts seems to have contact springs with more range of motion, so hopefully they aren’t as susceptible to expanding batteries as the previous ones.

Thanks for the heads up. Just found the email in my spam, and new covers ordered.