Garmin Training Status

Every outside Z2 ride I do gets a big fat “Unproductive”… :man_shrugging:

What gives there? Is it just totally fixated on VO2max?

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Damn those pros getting it so wrong!

Is that Z2 power or Z2 HR?

Don’t worry about it. I know if you are doing too much work (according to the algorithm) it’ll suggest you are unproductive. Garmin Connect will give you some further insights on the web or app if you drill in. It probably wants you doing some harder efforts.

I wouldn’t trust that as far as I could throw it.

My “smart” Nest thermostat thinks I don’t need to set a schedule because it can predict what time I get up every morning. It’s wrong.

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Either… mainly power these days. I’m just lovin’ being back outside and Traning Status is just a little Eyore on my happy sunny daze…

The monkeys I could not give about what passes for Garmin Biometrics. So far the Firstbeat data is just a load of random bit flips as far as I can see. So as much use as a chocolate tea pot! If training status is derived from the Firstbeat stuff then that explains all.

I just stuck on some of the Xert metrics to have a play with and so far they seem more useful…

Also 60hrs rest recommended after 2.5 hrs in Z2… WTH???

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Forget the Garmin Training Status metric.

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I never mind those metrics. However. If you use your Garmin to track ALL your workouts and not just the ones outside you would probably get more accurate data. Since I bought my Garmin 1030 I’ve been getting pretty spot on readings. Doing POL training now. Sort of.

Ta… you know I suspect that might be part of the problem. There is an intelligent metric aspect here. It needs all the relevant data. I was going to start to use the 530 on the bike for the indoor rides; to see if that makes any difference to the thing. I just have to figure how to hook it up to the smart trainer so it leaves the Ipad running TR. That would really FUBAR the HR data on the Garmin as the Firstbeat stuff relies on the richer stream coming over BT. I guess I can forgo the HR data on TR.

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I run an Ipad/Mac with TR + Tacx Neo + Garmin HRM Dual, then I have my Assiomas and Garmin Dual hooked up to my 1030. Basically because I want to check so that they’re aligned power-wise, and because I don’t want to loose training stats because of a crash of some sort.

I guess most don’t have powermeters on all their bikes AND a smart trainer but if you do that’d be my recommendation. Use your 530 more. It can connect via ANT+ and the Ipad via BT.

Yeah… I kinda have a dedicated bike for my Neo so the PM is on the outdoor bike. Other than that my setup is more or less the same (including the Asiomas… though I am using a TICKR… can’t get along with Garmin straps). My quandary is whether to hook the Neo up to the Garmin as a trainer or just a sensor… I guess just as a PM would be safest.

I rode with a TickrX before the Garmin Dual. :joy:

However use the PM/Cadence/Speed individually on the Garmin and let TR be in control of your Neo. That would be my advice. You need the power and H/R for Garmin’s metrics to work properly.

don’t get me started on Nest smart features … I’m going to turn the heating on @ 2am so it’s hot enough to wake you up and warm for the 30 minutes you’re up before leaving in the morning

Yeah will do. I had the Garmin run the Neo this morning trying out a Xert smart workout on the Xert GCIQ Player… not so good really. Too many drop outs. Will clean the slate and remount as ant+ PM.

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:laughing:… It’s like all those Jetson flying cars and hover boards we were supposed to have now. They can’t even get the electronic butler to turn on the heating…

I least we have the Start Trek NG PADDs now…

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So the sun is blasting down here, the wind is light… I am taking Slick out for only the third time this year. I should try this Z2 stuff again… From all that zone discipline thread I started a way back. I have the Charmin setup with average and 3sec wattage, I have HR graph up color coding Z2. I stick it on the small ring. Spinning like a loon… I breath through my nose only. I focus. I am steely eyed in resisting the rabbits. I am glissading around the stroke. I waft over the road… Slick is whining, it wants to surge toward the horizon but no…I resist, I am a hard assed easy goer. I am not going to depart from zone 2 for two hours… I am going to smell the future I am going to lay some serious mileage foundation in…

… I am bored out of my tiny tree.

F***k this!

…Warp factor six Mr Zulu all the way home… engage! I am so far into the red zone. I am laughing manically at the rabbits I am passing… The Xert FTP metric is spinning like a vegas slot machine. I am sucking gels as fast as I am air and horsing into the bidons like an alcoholic uncle at a wedding…

I come to a smoking halt outside the garage… both me and Slick are giggling like a couple of schoolkids. Surely the f-ing training status will give me some loving for that!..

Training Status: Overreaching

Ah well… At least I got a 15 watt bump on my last measured TR FTP… and that after a two week post operative lay off…

If you believe the Xert metric there…


My Nest t’stat is a pile of garbage too. Sadly, it has made me gun-shy about trying a different brand of smart thermostat too, because the experience has been so miserable with Nest.

Like I said you need to give it a bit of time before it learns your pattern of workout intensity. I got 3,5 days recovery yesterday from my VO2Max-intervals however my status is productive and training load is optimal both on my Fenix 5X Plus and 1030. Also my VO2Max estimate went up by a point… :unamused:


Interesting reading. I did the ftp test today using Fenix 5x. I improved my ftp and vo2max. I am feeling really good and sharp but the training status says I have to have 3.5 days off. Very strange, I have not decided if I will or just do some very low intensity stuff for a day or two

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