Garmin Training Status 1030+ Not updating anymore

For some weird reason my training status stopped working… It doesn’t update anymore. Anyone else having issues with the training status? Training effect works fine after every workout it just doesn’t update my load & VO2.

As you can see on the screenshots it hasn’t been working for almost a month now and i cleary have activities with power & hr.

1030+ Software is up-to-date. — Versie 6.50.

Anyone have an idea how to fix this?

Its working fine on the old 1030, not that Id trust it. It runs off VO2MAX on the old 1030 I think. Garmin seems to have sorted the bug in the 1030s version but for a period when the gps was switched off for an indoor workout it wouldn’t calculate.

should i wait for a firmware update then? Cause this is really annoying… Anything i can try?

You can maybe ask on the Garmin Forums as I am just guessing based on my experience and can’t give you a positive answer to that.

Are you recording on the Garmin, or are you relying on it processing workouts completed on TR and deriving VO2 from them?

On my garmin. Only trained 2 times indoor in september. Rest are outside rides with chestrap hr en assioma pedals.

That appears a bug indeed. I record with a 1030plus and it continues to give me a training status.

I’d try Garmin team members are pretty active on them.

Edit: looks like you already did post on

I kinda wanna try to factory reset the device but yeah… Maybe i should wait until next firmware update? What u guys think?

I reckon i got the problem when i installed the 6.50 firmware update. I really can’t find a way to rollback to the previous version.