Garmin support has always been solid for me

I see a lot of garmin bashing, but I’ve always had really good support from them. I just called them today with a 530 that was several years out of warranty. The screen was separating at the edges. They are doing a free swap on it. While I wish the issue had never happened, getting it fixed for free out of warranty is pretty good support in my opinion and it’s not the first time I’ve had Garmin step up on devices that were out of warranty. I’ve been using Garmin products for a long time and they have their share of weirdness and issues (like any computer), but they have always made things right for me. Anyway, it seems like you only hear the negatives on products/support these days, so I thought I’d share some sunshine…


I’ve had that once from them when my 305 failed out of warranty (described as a common problem it was replaced foc), subsequent garmin failures though have been costly. When the power buttons disintegrated twice on two different garmin 1000s, I think they should have done better. It was OK 75% IIRC but for what also seemed like a common problem they should have maintained their standards.

Always had great experiences with their support, as well…same with Wahoo.

Damn, I’ve called them a dozen times over the years; Always got someone on the phone within minutes, they new the product inside/out, courteous, helpful and resolution orientated. Only place I’ve ever gotten better customer service was TrainerRoad.

Only Quarq has been better, called on Friday about weird zero offset and was talking to a support rep within 5 seconds. Garmin has been great. Wahoo was great until they EOL’d my 2017 Kickr and didn’t offer XDR freehub.

I had a HR monitor strap where one of the pads began to delaminate so I called them and explained the problem. They sent a replacement right away with no questions asked or documentation required.

Then I bought the mount kit for my Varia radar because they added a rubber shim that fits arrow posts which I needed. Box showed it on the front but it wasn’t in there when it arrived. I called and they said they added the new shim to the boxes but some inventory was missed. They were quite familiar since I wasn’t the first to have this problem but they mailed the shim and I had it in a couple of days.

My tacx bike broke beginning of December. I contacted them on the Sunday. By Tuesday we had a replacement booked, arrived Thursday.

For a time that weighs 54kg, the turn around was pretty incredible in my opinion. I also paid a 50% deposit to have the new item sent to me so I had a box to return the old one in. I had that 50% refund the following Thursday. Not even 2 weeks for the entire process.