Garmin Edge 1000 On/Off Button Replacement

The on/off button on my Edge 1000 has been wrecked from too much pressing. Still works if you use a screwdriver to press the internal button itself. Has anyone replaced this and if so where did you source the parts? I’ve seen bits on eBay but nervous ordering and waiting for something from China that won’t do the trick. Any help appreciated as any replacement will be cheaper than an Edge 1030 :upside_down_face:

If you are in the US call Garmin. They are incredibly responsive via phone. They may just let you exchange for low cost ($100?) for a refurb.

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Not in the US but will give the UK based support a go. Unit got a bit wet in the rain on today’s ride and is now very unhappy so suspect your suggestion may be the route to go.

The UK support replaced my 1000 when the button failed 2 years ago but its not wasn’t as cheap. Friends have had their garmin replaced relatively cheap but Garmin had changed their policy on replacements when I needed one and it was quite dear; hopefully they’ve changed it back :-/

Welcome to the club, super common issue. With mine the button is even missing from the PCB :roll_eyes:

Personally can’t be bothered getting a new one at the moment, so using my Garmin Fenix watch instead.

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They offered a 30% discount on an upgrade so I chose to go for an Edge 1030 Plus at £371 which I felt was good value. That’s cheaper than I’ve been able to find the standard Edge 1030 so went for it. I was offered a refurb unit for £185 but couldn’t really see the point in doing that, and note that it is way more expensive than @dprimm had their unit replaced for. I think @dcrainmaker said the Edge 1030 Plus retails at $600 USD :cry: We pay so much more in the UK for these things!


The mount on mine broke (case) it fell off and cracked the screen (display was fine), I rang in the hope of getting a new case but all I got offered was an exchanged refurbed unit which was going to cost me ONLY £30 less than what I paid for the brand new unit. Total joke. It has been sitting in a draw for 2 years now. I saw it on Saturday, nearly made me cry. Still at least it made me buy a Wahoo.

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Yep, this seems to be a very common issue.
The German Garmin service wouldn’t help me at all.
I was lucky enough to know someone who knew someone at Garmin - they then finally sent me a 1030 as replacement for free. I was just really lucky there - the way that Garmin handled my regular customer service request sucked. I wouldn’t buy anything from them again, especially since the 1030 also has issues, as did my Vector 3 pedals.

That’s a real shame, I have to admit I felt the customer service was good if a little pricey but clearly your experience was not the same. I know a lot of people have had problems with the Vector pedals.

Hello guys,
I am trying to build a personal solution and, i guess, this can help a lot of people.
Currently I am testing my prototype! But it looks really efficient and robust.
Let me know if your are interreted.
I think, i could build for about 25€ + shipment…
This is done by casting a silicon button into a resin mold.
A rigid part inside, insure a good action on the internal switch and allow to keep the cover in place.
I have attached a picture…
Note : In first, i have got a “second hand” back cover (a new one doesn’t exist), but after 2 monthes, the button was in the same bad shape. I have understood, that the rubber is old on any cover existing, so, don’t spend money for a second hand back cover (cost between 25 and 65€)!
This solution is to replace the rubber part of the ON/OFF Garmin 1000 button.

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See below…

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Hi, I sell my solution to Europe for 20 euro all in.

Please also check my video: Power button Garmin 1000 edge - made in Belgium (see description) - YouTube

You may contact me at:

Best regards, Pascal

Best solution I found:

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