Garmin Rally XC200

I wouldn’t recommend Rally XC if you ride a lot of gnarly terrain. I broke 2 pedals - given the ‘XC’ I do is most natural trails with some very tech climbing. Rock strikes may happen the odd time.

Furthermore, The PM was never consistent compared to even my smart trainer or my infocrank. It seems there can be a drift in the reading. Even if this can be collaborated mid-ride its enough for me not to trust it.

Finally, I had drop out issues but went away after garmin sent me a door battery door - this was when the pedals were fairly new and I always torque to spec.

For a ‘premium’ option PM - I’d just expect better. I’d go for a Segeyi or a crank based PM if you are intending to ride a lot of technical terrain or even borderline trail/enduro riding. But given how easily I broke 2 pedals - I’d imagine anyone MTBing would make a mistake within the next few years (especially considering it may be out of warranty by then) - and you’ll have to fork out 100+ euro for a new body yourself.

On a positive note - Garmin replaced both the pedals free of charge which is great.

For gravel riding / CX and tame XC its probably adequete.


I’ve had a pair of XC200s for a couple of years and love them. I’ve never experienced any dropouts. While they mostly stay on one bike, I occasionally put them on another bike and it’s easy peasy to do. I tested them against my Tacx Neo 2T using @dcrainmaker’s power analyzer tool and the XC200s read about 4-8 watts lower than my 2T. All in all, I’d buy them again in a second.

Some users of Garmin Vector pedals had power dropouts, but this issue was fixed a long time ago when Garmin released the updated battery caps. I suppose the Rally SPD upgrade bodies come with the new caps, so the reason for your dropouts is something else.

I have used single CR1/3N batteries, lubed lightly with SuperLube grease and have not noticed any dropouts.

I’m glad I read this. I do ride a lot of gnarly terrain on the MTB. I was looking for an easy solution for the two bikes I ride but the Rally’s may not be my answer. Dang.