Garmin or Wahoo?

I agree there are more/better features on my Edge 830. But the presentation annoys me beyond all reason, possibly because I am too superficial. I just can’t use it!

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Garmin here, has never failed and the battery is amazing!
Gives me everything I need - works AMAZING for TR outside workouts. Wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

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In my Strava feed tonight:

And somehow this isn’t Windows 3.1? :man_shrugging: I’d rather have the Garmin 530 for both the color and feature set.

I think with ca. 20 % of all replies in this thread you made your personal preference clear ;). And that’s fine. Different people like different UIs and have a need for different features.

P.S.: Windows 3.1 also had color :wink:

Sorry I’m not on board with the Wahoo is awesome narrative. Good tools are hard to come by… pick what you want, even my phone+Strava (or RWGPS or Cyclemeter) got the basics right. Seriously you can’t go wrong but if you want features the selection narrows quickly.

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You’re running the Varia taillight, right? Any experience with the smart headlights? Figure I might as well go all in :grin:

The smart features seem pretty cool I’m just worried 800 lumens might not quite be enough when riding after dark. I don’t do that too much, but with shorter days this time of year it’s hard to avoid sometimes.

I have the Varia headlight and have used it with my 820 a fair amount. On the road, 800 lumens is plenty. Even on the trail it is sufficient, but you should still run two lights, one on your HB and one on your helmet.

The smart features are OK I guess…but I don’t know if I am down with the varying intensity of light based on speed. There are many times when you are going slow but want the full intensity.

The auto dimming when you get to stop lights, etc is a nice touch as far as saving battery power.

When I use it with my Wahoo, I don’t notice the lack of control of the light from the computer. It is a “nice to have” feature, but nothing earth-shattering.


Thanks I appreciate in input! Can you adjust or turn off the speed-based intensity changes? When you’re often slow like me, you still need light!!!

I’ve been happy with a 1100 lumen Cyglolite unit for a while now so that’s why I was worried about the 800 lumens not quite cutting it.

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My wahoo ROAM is great on the road but for MTB it’s beyond atrocious and Wahoo Service idea is to have me buy another one :rofl: this is me riding the same trail connectors in a local park

Of course we do. lol.

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Yes, that is an option…but then you might as well just run any head unit you want since that is a “key” feature of the smart light. Well, I guess there is the auto-turn on feature that will turn on your light when you turn on your computer, but… :man_shrugging:t2:

Well, you’ll likely notice a 300 lumen difference, but I have had zero issues with 800, or felt a need for more on the road.