Wahoo bolt vs 530

Has anyone switched from the wahoo bolt to the 530 and if so what did you think? I just got the bolt a few days ago as an upgrade to the 520 and so far I’m just not liking it very much. I’m debating bringing it back and paying the extra to upgrade to the 530.

Back when I had a 520 I gave Bolt a try (about 2 years ago). The phone based setup is nice for initial out-of-box config, but otherwise it didn’t feel like an upgrade. Ended up returning the Bolt. About a year ago I bought a 530 and really like it. To be honest I prefer adjusting data fields on pages during recovery intervals, while its still fresh in my mind. So I really like that feature. There are a couple other key features on Garmin that I prefer and do not want to give up. My 530 had a few minor annoyances in early firmware, but since then its worked very well and the auto workout sync is nice. But if you want to manually sync a workout or route, its not as easy as on Bolt. However I use the route editor on Garmin web to make connections between areas I haven’t ridden before, and I really like the Garmin workout editor for quick&dirty interval creation.


What don’t you like about it compared to your 520?
I’ve been contemplating buying a bolt to replace my 52 but just haven’t pulled the trigger yet

Like said above, there’s really a lack of options, even when using the app. And I personally like being able to change things on the unit itself like data fields, and segments.

Can you give an example of an option it lacks? Not arguing, just curious.

My take has been that people who like Apple like Wahoo. Simple, easy, it just works. But…you can’t do ever single thing you’ve ever dreamed of doing. (Ex - Jump distance)

People who like Samsung like Garmin. Harder to set up, not everything works like you’d expect so you need to play with it and read manuals to figure it out, but you can do hundreds of things and aren’t limited to the key functionality.


That sums it up perfectly.

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That’s kind of interesting because I despise Apple and Garmin, but like Samsung and Wahoo fairly well lol.



Sounds like you need an iPhone! :grin:


My biggest gripe with the Bolt is the lack of onboard maps. You only get turn-by-turn directions when using either Komoot or RidewGPS. Not a big deal when I’m home but I travel quite often and it’s a bit of a pain using the breadcrumb style routes from wahoo or strava.

I have in the last week or 2 changed from Bolt to 530. I had no reason to upgrade from the Bolt, it was solid but I just prefer the Garmin ecosystem as I have other devices that are Garmin. I have only been out twice with the new device as weather in southern Aus has been pretty ordinary. It’s been fine on those 2 rides. It has more features than I need. It was a slight pain in the arse setting up the data fields and getting used to the menus again. Setting up the Bolt was much easier but it doesn’t run maps as well. 🤷 The 530 works fine in my opinion… And I’m an android user :wink:

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I upgraded to the Edge 530 after using the Bolt for almost 2 years. It’s a love/hate relationship with the Garmin. When it works, it’s perfect and when it doesn’t, it just straight out sucks. I repeatedly had and still have problems with connecting the Garmin to my phone. Sometimes it says it’s connected but will refuse to sync an activity. You have no idea if the firmware is being updated or some updates for IQ Apps are being downloaded. You don’t get a status bar for progression - nothing. The software is just ridiculously bad.

The Bolt on the other hand just worked. The only reason I still put up with the Garmin are the maps and customizable data pages. And maybe because the device looks better. But that’s up for debate.


I think the 530 is worth the extra if you do navigation of any type.

I’ve gone 520 to 530 and in terms of getting a route to follow it’s just much easier, the bolt just doesn’t do this anywhere near as well. The roam does but it is $$$.

If you have no interest in navigation I’d just stick with the bolt.

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I’m in the same boat with Garmin. Love/hate it. It picks times when the 530 won’t sync or the Garmin software just doesn’t work. Garmin’s software always seems to be behind the times. However, I feel like I’m invested in the devices with my running and other devices. I’ll used it but I wish there was another option. My local bike shop doesn’t carry Wahoo but I’m interested in trying out their devices next when this one dies.

Garmin’s device set up is very archaic. They really need to get some better software to do like Wahoo and set up on a phone. The entering fields on a device is super frustrating and makes me want to buy another device…

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I have been using an 830 and a bolt for roughly one year now, and just decided to get rid of Garmin for good. The features it has over the bolt mostly function poorly, and then it has lots of year-old bugs that annoy me on most of my rides sooner or later.

The bolt does what it does, and it does it well (for my needs). Looking forward to a hardware refresh though.

I might have preferred the 530 over the 830. Touchscreens on bike computers are just stupid, except when you’re off the bike maybe.

Note: I dislike iPhones, closed ecosystems suck.


The Roam is 830 size and costs less.

sure but the 830 ($400 list price) has touch screen. Compare the Roam ($380) to the 530 ($300). And that brings me back to things that Wahoo doesn’t provide - workout creation, gear tracking, hydration/nutrition tracking, additional performance metrics, more customization, 3rd party data fields/apps, etc.

This was the story with my 510. It just decides to sync whenever it feels like it and for some days/weeks it would never sync over bluetooth and I would have to use a cable.

I just got a 530 and the buttons were frustrating for a couple of weeks because I was used to the 510’s touchscreen. I was wishing I had bought the 830. But now I’ve gotten used to the buttons and I’m enjoying the 530.

My 530 has been super smooth with syncing, saving, and all that. It’s been glitch free unlike my 510 which always has little issues from time to time.

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I switched from Bolt to 530 about 2 weeks ago.
First ride the Garmin fell off the bike, because I had to press a button during a TR workout (maybe a little too hard lol )
I haven’t done much customization yet, but yeah I miss the simplicity of the Wahoo.

My bad. I was thinking the 830 was the bigger one. That’s the 1030. I stand corrected!

I’m happy as a clam with the Wahoo ELEMNT and Kicker. I hear too much noise about Garmin devices being great “when they work”, and I just don’t want to go there.

Android and Google Pixel user…