Garmin HRM Pro Plus issue

I’ve been trying to figure out a few issues I’ve been having with the Garmin HRM Pro Plus heart rate strap and my Edge 840 unit. I no longer have a Garmin watch and Garmin support hasn’t been helpful in figuring this out.

First issue is when I record using the Edge, the heart rate data is added to the all day heart rate which records in 2 minute intervals instead of 1 second as in the workout. Then the Connect app pushes the heart rate data to Apple Health in 2 minute intervals which skews the data that Athlytic app reads.

The second issue is on many days the heart rate strap will wake up and start recording a heart rate usually around 100-130 BPM every 2 minutes for hours before my workout. For example, yesterday it started recording at midnight all the way until my workout at 6:55 AM. Again, this messes up Athlytic data as Connect will push these heart rate readings to Apple Health.

Garmin has replaced my strap, and I’ve disconnected the HR strap from my phone since we thought that was waking up the HR strap in the middle of the night.

Has anyone else run into these issues and found ways to resolve them instead of me getting a different heart rate strap?