Garmin finally jumped on the Performance Manager bandwagon?

First I have heard of this, and not much specificity in the article, but the 3 month/2 wk timelines and need for cumulative data caught my eye. Anybody know more details?

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Been around for a bit and like many of the things in Garmin, I haven’t seen any further details. Mine keeps going up though.

Garmin’s own explanation: Endurance Score | Calculating Endurance with Garmin Technology

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‘Explanation’ might be being a bit kind.

Summary: “We come up with a number.”


Based on my own example, I assume it might be some kind of fatigue resistance score :thinking:

From endurance sport perspective, I am average cyclist (VO2max, w/kg). Only thing that stands out how frequently and long I ride around in low Z2 and how I still can put out Z4 intervals after 6h. And according to Garmin watch, my endurance score is ‘Elite’. With no false modesty, I definitely am not :man_shrugging:


Right, I did a bit of searching after posting that and realized that I am quite late to this party.

Thank you everyone for your replies!


Maybe it’s relative not absolute? Similar to Training Levels. I.e. The power you can put out for 5 hours might not be very impressive compared to an elite cyclist, but the power you can put out for 5 hours compared to your FTP might be super impressive.

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I don’t really understand how it works. Today for example a 4 hour endurance ride, my score lowered. Then if I do something like a 4x 10 sweet spot workout my score goes up. Even sometimes a short z2 ride will have my score go up, but I’m baffled by it going down after todays ride.


A lot of Garmin stuff is just black box output and impossible to understand.


It’s relative the general population is it not?

Aren’t you a 5+w/kg rider?

I wish, hovering around 4w/kg.

As said, definitely average cyclist, except I can still push 4x10 at FTP after 6h of Z2. Likely even 3x20, haven’t tried yet, just started doing such workouts lately.

They build models of human body and performance:

Some papers here have the word endurance in the title or description:


Mine is in free fall since starting TR begin of September. In a week my 2nd ramp test is due. I wonder which of the two will show to be right.