VO2MAX and Garmin

Since starting TR 10 days ago, my garmin vo2max score has dropped 4 points :flushed:

OK its garmin and watches of any kind are not “acurate”, however till now its been moderately stable rising snd falling when i expect it to. Apparently its mist likely because I have been focusing on a higher cadence around 95/ 100 instead of my normal 80 which has a corresponding increase of heart rate.

Fir tge sake of reassurance, gas anyone else seen this? did it recover over tone as the higher cadence became normal ?


Mine goes down when I do an endurance ride, up when I do a harder ride; down when I ride high cadence, up when I ride low cadence. I wouldn’t worry about it too much - just look at long term trends once it’s settled.

If you’re new to indoor training then make sure you have a good fan - if not, heat could push your HR up compared with the same effort outdoors. (There may also be an issue with different power meters, depending on your setup).

Also, make sure your max HR is set correctly on the Garmin device. At one point mine randomly got changed back to the default (which is much lower than my actual max HR), which biased all of my VO2 max estimates downwards until I changed the setting back.


Bingo! all my settings are messed , thanks

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I had that happen once……I had apparently turned on an “auto detect max heart rate” option, and it got an anomalous high reading at some point and changed my 182 max to 200+. Next thing you know my VO2 max just kept climbing and climbing. At first you want to believe you are just getting fitter, but then I started to suspect something was wrong and found the issue.

TLDR; make sure your max heart rate is set properly on the garmin.