Garmin Fenix / Stages 50% of power recorded

I’m hoping the forum can help me figure out what happened today with my recorded ride.

First up, my Garmin 830 completely discharged the battery overnight while powered off, the ways in which Garmin devices find new ways to fail and disappoint people is astonishing.

I had an outdoor workout to do, needed power, so I quickly paired my Stages PM to my Garmin Fenix, no problem.

Finish the ride, and realized that I only had 50% of the power recorded meaning, a 300W effort was recorded as 150W. I get that this could have been a case where the Garmin was expecting a dual power setup and therefore didn’t 2x the power. But I’ve never had to configure anything in the past using single-sided Stages PM with any Garmin before.

Any thoughts on why this happened and how to fix it? The Googles turned up nothing.

I would first look at Stages’ instructions for connecting with the Fenix.

I recently connected a Stages to my 510 and two non-obvious things popped up. First, I had to manually enter the power meter number on the 510 under the bike profile section. I noticed dropouts on the power files and upon further study I found that the trick is to set a Garmin for 1 second recording rather than the default “smart recording”.